Against the wind.

Bright and early on a Saturday morning.

Usually this is washing day, and today is no different, but it has dawned not quite as bright and sunny as all the other days this week.

It’s overcast and slightly cold, with the promise of rain in the slight breeze that’s tinkling all my chimes.

Hence the tune I picked for this post.


Going against the wind is kind of a useless concept. You can try, anything is possible, but eventually, the wind will just take you with it and you can do nothing to stop it from happening.

Best is to unfurl the sails, set the wheel, batten down the hatches, and ride the wind like a pirate – only then can you possibly extract some value in life’s storms.

Hope you enjoy this one as much as I always do – have a lovely Saturday!!



8 comments on “Against the wind.

    • Our wind is not nearly as overwhelming as yours are H, and when the wind blows up here, it’s usually only a matter of time before we have rain.
      So far though, still no water – hope I can get my washing to dry!!

    • Thankfully I can deal with either weather form without too much aggravation.
      Of course, it’s an issue when I can’t get all my washing to dry 😉

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