Why did I just spend 2 hours driving home from work?

Why do people with dogs come home and leave their gates open?

Why do I have to then ask them to close those gates so I can open mine?

Why do they not realise their responsibility as a home owner and a dog owner, and

Why do people not know that the best way for a row of cars to flow is for everyone to stay in their lanes?

Why is it necessary for some people to skip the line, push in at the front, and making it that much longer for the ones at the back?

Why is it so easy to be like water?

Why is it so hard to keep to your viewpoints in the face of all this waterlike behaviour?

Why are you judged and belittled for keeping said viewpoints, when everybody else just flows right on by?

Why do people think they should build their whole lives around their children? When said children’s only logical route is to leave the parents?

Why do they think it makes them better people to suffer “for the sake of the kids” instead of living a life that does not only revolve around children? A life that includes something for everybody?

Why don’t they know that, to raise happy children, you’d best be a happy adult?

Why do people talk and listen to you when you’re happy and chirpy, and don’t really need them to do anything, but the minute you’re not happy and chirpy, and actually need them, they are not there?

Why do moths always fall behind things? Or inside the wastepaper basket lining?To flutter until they die…

Why is it so difficult to find the right words for the feelings you want to express?


Tonight has been a decided loss in the general scheme of things. I am hungry, but have not a single inclination to go and make food of any kind. Not even just bovril on bread. My soul is tired. Luckily I can hear the frogs in the little stream down the road from me, so Nature has calmed my soul.

Having a conversation with a dude. I hesitate to call him a random, but that could change if he behaves like all the other after the initial meet. So far he’s saying all the right things at the right times, never once told me he’s busy and can’t talk now. He’s talking the talk relatively well. Anything’s possible, only time will tell. and I always live in hope – which is apparently a Sagitarius trait 😉

The Porra is flying back from Mudland tonight, and he has bought me something gold or silver for my birthday. Not because I asked for it, I would have been happy with a packet of Starbucks beans, but hey. I have to wonder what he would want in return for that, but I’ll probably not have to worry about that for quite a while yet – he’s got the boys with him see… But I think the lines have been drawn there quite clearly. I can easily be a friend, and accept him as one, but not as a bf again – that won’t be fair to either of us. Looks like I’m getting Starbucks after all – is duty free not a marvel of quick shopping 😉

Let me leave you. More than enough mutterings for one night.

Tomorrow the sun should rise again, G-d willing, and life will carry on on it’s merry way…





16 comments on “Why?

    • Last night it was either going to be these questions, or an endless spewing rant about the traffic I was stuck in for 2 HOURS!!! 20km’s. And there was nothing physically the matter – just millions of cars…

    • Thanks H – I had a good sleep, the sun seems indeed to be rising above the clouds and I got paid last night – not a bad way to start a Friday 😉

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