Christmas run

What fun this was!!!!

The bunch I rode with all met in Midrand. We then drove to Zambezi Mickey D’s, where we waited for everybody to get together again. While we were standing there, bikes from all over came in. Some to the Mickey D’s, some to the Pick & Pay that was the official meeting point.

And then the exodus started. I have NEVER seen so many bikes all in one place. From your most expensive Harley’s and Fireblades, to little cheap ass scooters. Scramblers, dad’s with kids on the front, old men, young girls. People from all walks of life, all with just one thought. Let’s have fun while we’re doing our bit for charity.

Literally miles of bikes. I could not take pictures while we rode, but to the front, bikes as far as the eye can see. To the back, bikes as far as the eye could see. Very well organised. Cops kept any car from being either on the highway or on Zambezi road while the parade went through.

People stopped at the side of the road, just gawking at this spectacle going past them. On the bridges lining the road. looking from their houses, kids waving 😉

It was just wonderful!!

On arrival at the Carousel, the whole parking lot was just filled with bikes. A mountain of toys were donated – most teddy bears, but there were all kinds.



I’m sure a whole lot of kids are going to be made happy this Christmas.

This is something I could very well do again next year – provided I either have my own bike, or can lay hands on somebody that does 😉

Going to have to do something with my hair though – helmet head is not a flattering look!!



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