Fitting rooms.

Should be demolished. Banned. Wiped from existence.

Or, at least re-designed.

Got my LBD this morning. It’s a lovely, timeless dress. One size too tight over the bust, good over the hips. Bigger size perfect over the bust, too loose over the hips. Now I will have to see if it will make a difference if I try and take it in, or wear it as is.

At times like these that I miss my gran. She could make the loveliest outfits from scratch – no pattern, just the way I designed it.

But to get back to the fitting room. Horrible I tell you!!! Horrible!!!!

Every bulge and roll and mark – clearly shown. No hidden softness, no hiding behind soft lights. Every, single fault clearly shown. Perfectly illuminated by the glaring overhead lights. Nowhere to hide. Horrible.

No wonder I hardly ever shop for clothes, and when I do it’s usually men’s shorts and shirts – big sizes for me to hide in. It’s been a good 3 years since I shopped for any kind of female clothes, and even then I get the size I should be and fit them at home. Hardly ever in a fitting room.

And now i know why!

It’s enough to make you doubt your femininity. If you look at yourself in those mirrors, you will never believe ANY man will want to see you naked, ever again!! How can you be a sexy, confident being after seeing what you really look like under those lights? Since that’s what you really look like.

You can’t hide anything.

I think I’ll leave off shopping for another few years. Or probably forever. Or until I find a sugar daddy that will pay to make me svelthe 😉 Or maybe never. I think never is a good time 😉

Mom’s here now – will see if I can make some kind of headway with the gifts for Christmas.

have a happy Saturday!!



13 comments on “Fitting rooms.

  1. Changing rooms are foul–especially the communal ones. If they invested in mirrors of better quality that softened customers’ images, as well as less harsh lighting, I’m sure they’d quadruple their sales. The number of times I’ve been to the town centre and stormed out of one shop after another, not buying anything, and then gone home to order something on-line instead.

    • I don’t blame you for storming out Sarah!!
      It really was a horrible experience – seeing myself in the light of day so to speak. In actual fact it was the light of a thousand suns, showing me with glee that even if I don’t think I look too bad, they know otherwise!!!
      Nope. Don’t think I’ll be doing that anytime soon!! And here we don’t even really have the freedom of online shopping. You can get some things, but hardly any clothes.

  2. Fitting rooms certainly do nothing for the ego. Very rarely, have I found one with the more flattering lighting, but most times I have to brace myself to look in the mirror. I’m surprised that we don’t hear the sound of communal sobbing, as we walk in there with our arms full of clothing possibilities.

    • Absolutely agree with you AD!
      And for it to come from you, looking the way you do, I don’t suppose I feel too bad than 😉
      Hoe the weekend has been good so far 😉

      • Thanks, for the compliment, but we do have to remember that no-one is perfect, even those airbrushed models in magazines. We just have to learn to be content with what nature has given us. 🙂 Still up to my ears in kitchen cupboards here, but it’s starting to take shape. 😀

      • I’m sure you will show us what the finished product looks like 😉
        As for nobody being perfect, I’m well aware of that. It’s not nice of the fitting room lights to make it so glaringly obvious though!! What do we have left if even our illusions are killed 😉

  3. I’m terrible when it comes to getting new clothes. I don’t think anything ever looks good on me, whether it be in the fitting room or out of it so it always takes forever to get something that I think I can maybe pull off.
    Don’t forget you have to make one extra gift 😉

    • I usually buy stuff that looks good to me. I know by know what fits me and what looks good on me. So I don’t enter into the realms of the “Fitting Room” too often! My fragile sense of self will never make it!!
      But it’s usually men’s clothes – I’m a bit butch sometimes 😉
      Lucky for you I still have some cloth and the patterns!!

  4. Ghia, I think I read somewhere that they do it on purpose – the terrible lighting and the millions of mirrors. Supposed to make you feel so crap about yourself that you’ll just buy any old thing to make you “feel better” and to get out of there. I hate them too.

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