Early night.

Have to be up tomorrow morning at the ass crack of dawn again.

Have to meet my fellow travellers between 7 and 7:30, to leave for destinations unknown.

If. IF it does not rain like it did today. If it does, I’ll be turning right the hell over and go back to sleep – I’m not a biker’s ass, I know, but hey – I don’t think even a hardened biker will get up and go out in the rain willingly!

Have not fiddles with the LBD yet. might do that tomorrow when I get back from the run. Have to do the whole outfit, to see if it will work. It might not, but, come hell or high water, it will be worn!!

This is the last week of November. In another week we’ll be entering the mad rush to closing down for the year, spending money we don’t really have, on gifts people don’t really want, eat until we can’t get up, braai’s, holidays, no traffic. The end of yet another year.

I put in a Christmas CD in the car’s player this afternoon – just once I would love to experience a Christmas that they sing of in the songs – with a dearly loved man by my side, snug in a cabin somewhere, snow falling outside, fire crackling in the hearth. Suppose I could do 3 out of 4 – it ain’t that bad 😉 Yes, yes, I know, a man is not needed to make a woman happy. Bear in mind though, I’ve been alone, bar family, for Christmas for the past almost 20 years. Damn!!! I’m old! Every year, alone in church. Alone on Christmas eve, when Elenore Moore has a Christmas band stand. Alone at where ever we have Christmas. Would be nice to have a significant other there.


Let me leave you with Mr Bing Crosby. Saw this movie with my dude 😉


7 comments on “Early night.

  1. Hope the weather clears up so you can go on the ride tomorrow!
    I can’t stand the shops at this time of year, everyday is like freaking pay day with all the hustle and bustle. I’m very impatient in a very small amount of situations and unfortunately standing in the queue at the cashier is one of them…

    • I have a plan for if I have to do any kind of major shopping over Christmas.
      I go to the maul very early, and I’m out before the crowds start pouring in. Since I usually know what I want and where to get it from. Otherwise I’ll go mad!
      As for the run, it looks like it’s all systems go 😉

  2. Hope it’s a fine day tomorrow. I want to hear all about the ride. I saw five guys out on Harleys today, and thought of you. Only one had a passenger. 🙂 Heard Christmas songs playing in Home Depot today. They sounded too awful, and very irritating. 😦

    • Same here H.
      Although it poured again last night!! It’s such a waste to have all the rain at once – god should at least space it over a month or so 😉

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