Just take a gander.

At this article.

For some unfathomable reason I just can’t seem to muster the outrage it deserves.

All it really boils down to is that the consumer and the taxpayer are, once again, left to hold the ticket for the idiots that’s supposed to be able to run the country.

A bunch of fat asses that can’t seem to see further than the end of their noses – and that’s not very far indeed.

But let’s tax the super rich, why don’t we? Make them pay more money for the questionable honour of living in this godforsaken place. You know what will happen? Since the richest men in Africa, is, contrary to popular belief not white thieves, but black men!! Strange, I know, listening to the cretins in government spout on and on about racial inequality and all that. Anyhow. If you tax the super rich more, all they’ll do is take their assets away to a place where they won’t be taxed to the hilt just because they had the good sense to save money instead of spending it. Or because they robbed carefully instead of blatantly like JZ does. And, if they take their riches with them to some other place, who will suffer most?

Indeed. The consumer and the taxpayer. The law-abiding citizens of this country who’s only crime is that they’re trying to make an honest living. And for that they are being taxed to the hilt everywhere they go. They’re talking about increasing the fuel levy. Which means we’ll end up paying for something that should already have been paid off. Since we already pay a fuel levy.

Then again. It’s way more fun speeding down the highway in a super car with blue lights and accompanied by useless police officers than to pay your dues.

I hear these things on the news. I see the headlines when I open my mail account.

I can’t do anything about it. Nobody hears me. But everybody wants their pond of flesh from me.

But I don’t qualify for any help from anywhere, because I’m white. I’m inclined to not help anybody else either. Since they could not be bothered with me, I could not really be bothered with them.

Where is this going to end? When they’ve chased all the whiteys into the sea? Or when they’ve raped this whole country into oblivion? Becoming one of the many other African countries standing with hands out, waiting for the Developed world to sort them out? Will they crap in the streets because no sewage system works anymore? Will they make use of witch doctors because hospitals will be used as squatter blocks?

It seems Africa thrives on chaos.

Maybe is is indeed tome for the rest of us, that don’t function quite that well under chaos, to go away.

I’m thinking the desert may be a good choice.


13 comments on “Just take a gander.

    • Try using those on your way to work – not so easy.
      These people are really going to kill us, and they won’t even worry about it until it’s too late.

  1. E-tolls are the biggest load of bull. Firstly two thirds are for admin costs (I think that I’ve said this before) and secondly, they got overseas companies to build the roads through a company that’s affiliated to them. Its just another money making scheme for them

      • There should be no tolls. Period!!
        I don’t think they quite expected this fierce resistance – we usually just let them do what they want.
        But people are getting sick of footing the bill for the governments flashy lifestyle.

  2. I read an article that the reason we have E-Tolling is because of a bill passed by the UN in 1992 about global warming and that every country has to compensate for the carbon o’s that they produce. But now, 20 years later global warming has shown no effects and is just a ‘theory’. Despite this we are still being charged for it! And all because the government invested wrongly in SANRAL.

    • I think in this case the sheep is kicking up a totally unexpected fuss.
      We’re all tired of them doing just what they want. Maybe this toll might be the catalyst…

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