What a day!!!

I’m lovin it!

Although, could not for the life of me get up this morning. Hemmed and haaed, until I could not leave it any longer. Reason for that being, we had a power failure last night. About 9:30, 10 pm. So, I sms’ed them to let them know there’s a power failure. So, I switched off everything, lit the candles, and made my way to bed, where I proceeded to weaken my eyes even further by reading by candlelight. Off to the land of Nod I decided to go, when the phone wakes me up. Sms telling me to send my account number to report the fault. Well, I kind of like having power in the house when I get up in the morning, so I got up, scrounged for an account and let them have the number. DOn’t know when it happened, but the power was on when I woke up this morning.

Made me realise just how dependent on electricity we are. Can’t boil water for coffee. Toast a slice of bread. Make a pot of porridge. Boil an egg. Dry your hair. Have a shower or a bath. Just another reason for all of us here in the “Powerhouse of Africa” to invest in either a generator, or many solar panels and batteries or develop a hydrogen generator for home use. Or morph dogshit into methane πŸ˜‰

Powerhouse of Africa – heard that term bandied about yesterday in the article about JZ’s plight as probably the worst leader this country has EVER had bar none! Imagine that!! How bad must the rest of the continent be if this hell hole is called a Power house!!

Saw a thing on FF the other day about the rhino poaching. Since 1994 it has steadily risen to the scary figures we see today, with the highest figures during JZ’s reign. Wonder if he uses that money to pay for his huge compound. Or if people are just doing it because things have gotten so bad, they have no other recourse. Something else that can be laid in front of JZ’s door. No recourse.

I’ve got a super tune for tonight’s post πŸ˜‰

But for now, let me leave you with a pun…

You can never rely onΒ jigsaw puzzles. They always end up going to pieces.



10 comments on “Phew!!!

  1. sometimes I like the power failures but they must not be too long. the quiet is nice sometimes. I’m battling with the internet today, thank heavens for smart phones πŸ™‚

    • I don’t need power failures to enjoy the quiet πŸ˜‰
      And I often have candle’s burning πŸ˜‰
      It’s just such an inconvenience! And it irks me that I’m dependent on them for my means…

  2. Where I used to stay (and my parents still do) they alternate between power and water outages, sometimes both at the same time. The frustration that comes with not being able to bath or have coffee is indescribable!

    • What, indeed, is happening to our country?
      Oh, wait, I know!!!
      All the money is being spent on keeping JZ’s harem fed and clothed. Or the big black cars for the blue light brigade. Or to pay for Shaik”s golf tees!
      The list is probably longer than both our arms AD, but I guess you know that already!
      Pun’s are such silly things, but they always make me crack a smile πŸ˜‰ Likely because they are silly ;D

  3. I don’t mind power outages that much. We do have a gas stove which we can boil water and do a bit of cooking. The biggest problem I’d have is waking up in the morning! πŸ˜‰
    However, I die when there’s a water outage. I can’t stand that at all

    • Oh, I can function for a while without power, sure.
      But not for long. And that’s the problem.
      I must say, here where I live, the issues are not that much, or that often. If it was, I would have had to make another plan long ago!!

  4. No Telkom internet here in this Karoodorp (again) this afternoon. I don’t even bother with wondering why anymore….

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