And then there was MS Word.

That I’ve been working on quite regularly these past few days.

It’s the first time I spend a reasonable amount of time in word.

My main thing is excell. Understand it, it works wonderfully. So does word. Until you type in tables. Why on earth would you do something that looks like a spreadsheet in word?

Since, the minute you fiddle with the spacing or the margins, the whole sheet just completely stuffs out!!!

So, I sent the whole document to my sister. That’s much better in word than me.

I am contemplating exporting the whole document to excell for the duration of my time as the boss’ typist, and, when the the chick comes back, she can carry on using tables in word ;-). Or, maybe not. Don’t want to rock the boat unduly.

And then. Allandale road. It was a mess, but it worked. Now, they’re building there again, narrowing the lane from 2 to one, making a stuff-up, into a complete and utter fuck-up. Took me 40 minutes today to traverse a matter of maybe 3 km’s? If that much? Going to have to find another route home tomorrow. And then we’re not talking about the people from Jacob’s transport that decided 5 pm on a Wednesday afternoon would be the PERFECT time to transport and abnormally huge transformer to heaven alone knows where. I mean really people!!! Do you have to travel then? Is it not enough that the stupid travelers have to deal with all the other crap on the road, now we have to deal with enormous trucks that can’t go faster than 3 km’s per hour? I give up. It’s such a mission to keep your head up, without the constant reminders that you’re nothing but a gnat in somebody’s ear, and that they could not really give a toss about anything but themselves.

I’m probably just tired. Think an early night is in order.

And then. The birthday coming up. Not quite sure if I’m looking forward to it, or if I’m kind of not. I realise it’s just another day, but there’s something slightly off about sitting at home on your actual b day. Sure, you can have parties before and after, supper with the family, and shows and stuff, but that does nothing for your actual birthday. The actual day must surely be something other than just another day? Then again, if you don’t have huge amounts of spare cash lying around to go out on the town, and if the only people that EVER share your birthday with you, ie your family, have all got their own things to do, own lives to lead, what’s there to make the day special? So, one of the randoms tells me to take it as it comes. I have been doing that for many years. It’s getting old. Really it is! Bit I suppose I will indeed take it as it comes. Wear a special dress, maybe add some extra make up for the day. And maybe waste a R20 on a cafe mocha πŸ˜‰

And now the cool song I came across this morning. Hope you enjoy πŸ˜‰

18 comments on “And then there was MS Word.

  1. The traffic sounds like a nightmare.
    Why not spend your birithday with a stack of friends and admirers – albeit that they are sort-of scattered around? Just blog all day! πŸ™‚

  2. I love this song – one of my favourites! πŸ™‚ And the footage – so many people dying unnecessary deaths in wars. All the time. I will – f*ck knows – never understand it.

    • You know what I’ve been thinking these past few days? There are too many people on earth. They can’t all be fed and clothed adequately. So yes, war is not a good thing. But neither is famine and poverty. It’s only a matter of time before the world is at war again, the skirmishes have already started. Just give blokes enough rope – they’ll find a war to wrap it around.

  3. I had to type out a 23 page table on Word and then I had to make changes to it, it was horrible!
    Birthdays are just another day on the calendar for me, I really couldn’t care less about them.

    • Word. Should not be used for spreadsheets πŸ˜‰
      As for b days – you’re sooo wrong chickpea! It’s the only day in the year that belongs to you – you should celebrate it. And I expect you to remember mine – it’s on Monday!!!

      • I totally forget about birthdays too so you’re gonna have to remind me again πŸ˜‰
        But honestly, birthdays have never been a big thing in our family. Nothing special on the day. I guess that’s why I just treat it as another day too

      • Your b day should always be a special day. I’m too special to just have another day as my b day. I should be celebrated if nothing else.
        And that’s why my b day has always been and always will be a big thing.
        You have a phone. It’s called a reminder. With an alarm and everything!!

      • If I was in town, I’d say that it would be the day that we should take out plan and turn it into actions. Unfortunately though, I’m going to be in the bundus in the form of either Carltonville or Stilfontein :-/

  4. Oh I loved that song, way back. In my mind’s eye, I can see my young self jigging around to it. Thanks for bringing back the memories. πŸ™‚ I’m sure that your birthday will be special, when it arrives.

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