It’s hot!!

And I’m tired.

A very pleasant feeling – being tired after a full day’s work.

Told the Porra today – if you want to chat with me, by all means. If you think said chatting’s going to lead to a soft place to fall into, rather not. 99.9% guaranteed that I will not hear from him again – if i do, I would be mightily surprised!! Oh well, he’s just a dude – there seems to be a whole slew of them all over the place. completely useless for the most part, but I suppose sometimes they can be entertaining 😉

What with all this hotness, energy is being sapped at a rate of knots. I don’t even think I’ll be bothered to eat tonight – just way too much trouble, sourcing food from somewhere.

Heard a review just now on the show we’re going to see next week – apparently it’s quite good – starting to look forward to it!

Had to make an appointment at the dentist – Looks like I’m developing a love gap!!! They wanted me to come on Monday, and I drew the line right there!! There are things one does on one’s birthday – going to the dentist should NEVER be one of them!! But hear this. Because I’m a private patient, they charge me full fees. They charge me levies. Because I don’t belong to a medical aid. I mean really!!! They should give me discount because I pay my account either on the spot, or in one installment. No waiting for claims to be put through or disputes with medical aids.

I really don’t like doctors. Or dentists. nurses and paramedics seems to be actual humans. But the higher ups? Do these people really think that having a degree in medicine makes them even a tiny bit better than me? Richer, for sure. Better? I don’t actually think so. But they’re a grudge purchase – you have no choice but to use them. And because anything medical is huge money, the medical aid companies and private hospitals in SA has a major monopoly. Since you can’t go to a state hospital anymore. Gone are the days when you could walk into any medical facility and be assured of the best care in the world. Now, all you get is apathy, demands for more money, laxness.

Oh well, I have to go, no two ways about it. So I’ll just have to suck up their incompetence and holier than thou attitude – because I’m the lowly class person that only feeds them, and pays for their holidays and big houses and fat cars…I mean really. I really only go to them under protest – not because I’m scared, but because I loathe and despise them.

Rant done.

For now 😉

But hey – it has to get out there. As Hagrid said – better out than in 😉

Hope the evening progresses according to plan folks.

I’m dissolving in a puddle here where I sit – thinking underwear would be a better choice than clothes in this heat!!


18 comments on “It’s hot!!

    • Maybe I am at that H.
      It seems that I just can’t get up and over the hump. Something always happens to bring me right back down.
      I try. I really do. But it does not always work out that way.
      thanks for the concern – I’ll either make it or I won’t – as easy as that.

  1. Summer for you, and a cool winter for this California dude! Speaking of the dentist, I am having a root canal performed today. I usually love going to the tooth dr, but this tooth has a mind all its own. I have a super high threshold for pain, but this little fellar is different. We dudes are “enetertaining” some times? Geez 😉

    • I thought it was always hot in California? Sows how much I know!!
      I really don’t like doctors of any kind – they;re not even good people!!
      Ans for the entertainment value of men – only sometimes 😉 For the rest, I’m sorry to say, they are more trouble than they’re not – present company excluded of course!!!
      As for your root canal – I wish you strength Sir John!!!

      • Dude!!!
        Drinking beer through a straw, seriously?
        I’ve had to convert 65F – that’s about as low as it gets here in winter during the day, so I suppose it’s on par then – see the golfing term neatly slipped in there 😉

  2. I’m melting here! And apparently it’s going up to 36 degrees tomorrow, I don’t know how I’m gonna survive.
    So would you hate me if I was a doctor instead of an accountant? I really did consider it at one stage in life…
    And my friend says that Dirty Dancing is AMAZING! 🙂

    • no chickpea, I would not hate you – not if you were the way you are now.
      My personal experience with doctors have not been good – it’s coloured me for life I’m afraid.
      I don’t like lawyers either, but my son is one – what can you do? We all have a choice in life. Become a doos or stay a person – it’s easy.

      • Believe me, the thought has crossed my mind.
        Only problem with him is he’s as gay as a lark 😉
        So, while he might be an exceptional friend, he will not be the partner of your dreams. or maybe he might – he’s a pretty special young man. Then again, with a mom like me, how else could he be!!

      • Sure, he’s my son, I’m inclined to favour him, but he’s a good boy 😉
        Maybe more in spite of me than because of me I sometimes think 😉

  3. I once threatened a doctor with an old Mauser – that’s kind of what I think of the medical fraternity – but that is a very long story 😉 I simply don’t go to doctors. Where I live there isn’t one anyway, so pro-blem solved. Dentist: twice a year. Willie maar moet maar net.

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