No, seriously! WTF!

Had a good day. Incredibly busy, but just as satisfying. so absolutely wonderful to be useful! To be kept busy, with no time to sit and talk crap, or mull things over and tie myself in knots.

Had to type retrenchment letters too – not a good thing. And I can sympathise with all the people involved. It’s not a good letter to get. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt.

Traffic was completely crap as per usual, but that’s really par for this particular course.

Sis is taking me to go and see Dirty Dancing, the musical at Monte next week. She’s paying for everything since she can’t join me for my b day. I let her – wanted to go see the show 😉 I’ve learned that if people feel guilty about something that they can’t really control – let them. I can’t stop it from happening, and in this case, I’m getting something out of the deal – not being a good person, I know, but hey!

The WTF moment is thanks to the Porra. I have not told him in so many words to just go away. Thought he would get the message when I don’t really act on his messages, other than a smiley face or some ambiguous remark. I mean really dude!! Think a few messages on whatsapp is going to change anything? And now he sends me a picture of a whole bunch of ice cream and stuff that he bought. I have a major sweet tooth, at least those that are left ;-), but no. I aint going down that road again.!! But instead of being a total bitch about the whole thing I’m sort of agonising over not hurting his feelings. Not that he gave a shit about mine. Not that any feelings were involved really. Have to say, and pardon the rudeness, if he was a better shag, I might have gone there, or have been more cut up about it. As it is, he’s a nice enough guy, but that’s about it. His life is all about work and kids – any female will run a mediocre 60th in that particular race. And this particular female is tired of always coming in at second and third place. Sometimes even fifth and tenth. Never first. I always have to stand back for something or somebody else – why? To be taken out and polished off when there’s nothing or no one else to do. So not cool. At least I am always first in my life, so maybe being on my own is not really such a bad thing.


Let me leave you with my dude’s ringtone – it never fails to make my heart skip a beat 😉

Do have a splendid evening!!

20 comments on “WTF!!!

  1. I’m sure that typing those retrenchment letters sent chills up your spine. Love that ringtone music. 🙂 You do like to torture yourself, don’t you? I also wouldn’t sell my body and soul for a bunch of ice cream and sweet stuff. 🙂 Let him eat it by himself. Have a great evening.

    • Don’t know about how much one would like to ‘torture’ yourself in this kind of situation – I’m accused of that often enough too. I think it’s more a case of trying real hard to understand something, even if there is – ostensibly – nothing to understand. Breytenbach once said (and I think he was quoting someone else) ‘Life’s a process, not a product’.. So here we all are… dealing with The Process in more or in less messy ways (in my case more messy rather than less messy. But that wil change 🙂 Soon 😉 ) Hope is that thing with feathers that perches in the heart, or something like that.
      And anything with feathers must be taken seriously 🙂

      • You’re right. Hope is a feathered thing – and I eternally live with it.
        As for my sweet torture – it was a good time in my life to be me. I was loved, I loved. He was what I needed, and what I’m still looking for. And he changed so much in me. So, if listening to a tune makes my heart skip a beat, it’s well worth it 😉
        As for your messy Process – things have a way of working themselves out, given enough time and patience.
        Yes, I know, I should practice what I preach!!

      • xx Nevermind. One of my favourite words in the world. Together with: That’s OK. Because in the end it really is. It’s all OK.

    • Oh, but it’s such sweet torture AD 😉
      As for the rest, totally agree with you. I’ll go and spread supper on bread and go to sleep in a little while 😉
      Teppic and the pyramids are waiting for me 🙂

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  3. I sometimes feel like I’m reading a diary when I read your posts; it feels a little naughty, but nice…
    Antonio sure is a cutie, and the music is fabulous; though I’m sure he must have a few ‘bad habits’…. 😉

    • that man is totally edible Carol 😉 Have to say – think i could handle his “bad habits” for a while 🙂
      As for the diary bit – I think it is kind of – I have nobody else to share these things with but you guys, and a very patient web page 😉

  4. I think Porra had the following song in his head when he thinks of you…
    “Baby, ek like jou soos jy is
    My hart klop tjokliks as jy na my is
    Baby, baby tjokliks” 😉

    • I’m sitting here laughing like a loon!!
      Dogs think I’ve gone nuts 😉
      Baby tjoklits nogal!!
      He just sent me a pic of chocolate/fudge ice cream 😉

      • I take it you’ve never heard an Asian tackle some lekker sokkie liedjies. I can do Kaptein, Loslappie and a few others if you’d like 😉
        If you want, I’ll send you a picture of a chocolate muffin 😉

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