Only the good die young.

It has come to pass…

The Porra.

He that could not, would not, take a relationship to the next level, and then just left off contacting me.

Then he started with likes and comments on my FB page. Did not bother me too much – it’s a free world, and he’s by no means the only random on there.

Always though, in the back of my head was the knowledge where this was leading.

And, once again, I was proved correct on the fickleness of men.

Because he whatsapped me tonight. Talking about the “old times” How he missed me. In his defence, he did say that it sounds horrible. My answer to that was, yes, indeed. It does sound horrible. And that he did not HAVE to miss me. But hey. Choices.

He did not contact me because he missed talking to me. We hardly ever talked. Or missed looking at my face, he never did that. Or my lips. He never kissed them. Or my sharp mind, he never engaged that.

He missed the, to use his words, “hot sessions” we had.

Nice to be missed, not so? Even if only for the parts you were gifted with at birth. The only parts the men in my immediate vicinity seems to value. Well, bully to them!

The next random sniffing around will just have a harder time getting where he wants to get to. Since that should be the least of my attractions – not the only one!!

Do hope the weekend is going well so far. I’m going to sleep now, safe in the knowledge that my people skills may suck, but my people knowledge does not…


8 comments on “Only the good die young.

  1. The thing is, what attracts you to a person in the first place? Normally in a crowd full of strangers, you’d go for the better looking one… But looks definitely aren’t everything. I’d rather jump off a bridge than be with a guy who’s good looking but a complete jackass.
    By the way, I love this song! 🙂

    • Looks are not all that important at all – if a guy has the balls to approach me in a crowded room, he’s likely to have the balls to handle the rest of me too – and looks usually don’t really have balls 😉
      Glad you liked the song 🙂

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