…and scared dogs.

It would seem that the Hindi community in my immediate surroundings are pulling out the stops for their Festival of Light, also known as Devali.

Now I’m all happy for them, celebrating the inner light and such.

I get that you have to shoot firecrackers – I mean, all spirits are just sooo scared of noise!!!

And it does my heart good to see and hear how people care for the animals in the neighbourhood! How they take note of the anti-cracker posters going around on email and FB statusses.

Alas. This is not quite the case.

It seems they’re quiet now – for how long, I don’t know. But crackers have been shooting since nightfall. Instead of burning a few ghee lamps, they have to blaze up the area with noise and rockets.

I suppose there’s nothing for it, but to keep the dogs inside the house, until they have finished with their noise.

And onwards we forge to New year’s eve…

10 comments on “Noise…

  1. People never seem to think about the animals no matter how many posters/emails/statuses do the roads. Mind you, they’re actually like that with most things.
    I think if a person really thinks that they have to have fireworks then they should go do it somewhere out in the bundus where it won’t disturb anyone

    • Out in the bundus there’re other animals.
      And we’re not likely to stop humans from doing the firework thing anytime soon.
      I would suggest they do it at a communal place, for no longer than 30 minutes, and with letter handed out to the surrounding residents well in advance. But then I suppose, it will ofeend their civic right to do just as they please!
      Those little red and green things – not such a bother, but those big booming ones – sounds like bloody armageddon!!

  2. I made a comment on this subject recently on a blog. Here in Australia ‘fireworks’ have been banned from public use (except the sparkler type). We do have large displays at certain events such as New Years/major sports activities, etc. They are controlled, and generally huge events. However, they are contained, and residents know to expect them. I’m sure they are still a problem for the animals in those districts, though much less a problem for them as existed years ago when all and sundry lit ‘bungers’ and terrorised the poor animals.
    Argh well, nothing for it but to keep them safe inside, and free from physical harm…!

    • It would not bother me one bit should they ban it completely.
      Thing is, we have so many different cultures here, and heaven forbid anybody gets done in with regard to their rights that they will probably just leave it. As is wont to happen in Africa…
      Since, as I said – everybody but law abiding citizens have rights!

    • Have money, will shoot crackers.
      It’s a major source of irritation. So wanted to march to them last night and make a fracas, but I didn’t – I still have to live there 😉

    • You probably do at that.
      When we lived in Somerset West, they used to say that it was the biggest old age home in the country – just needed a roof 😉

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