What do you do…

…when you read something like this?

I suppose when it comes to inequality, there’s always been a winner and a loser.

One side did better than the other side. Traditionally, the white side did better than the other side.

That being said however, usually the haves looked after the have not’s. However, the have not’s have always been more than the haves. And therein lies the problem.

What’s happening in this country now is that they are trying to get everybody on the same level. And regardless of where you are in the world, that is just not possible. In no culture on earth does everybody have the same. In no place anywhere do you get people that’s universally poor or universally rich. Traditionally the places that’s worse off would be third world countries. But even there you get extremely rich people, and extremely poor. What differs in Africa though, is that the rich people don’t feel honourbound to look after the poor. Sorry to put it like this, but if it was not for whities, there would just be no charity organisations. It would be the whities that goes into townships and rescue dogs. Expecting other whities to look after those dogs. My cat was a rescue from a squatter camp. Cost me R300, and he’s still not spayed. I have to now fork out for that as well, but what the hell, I’m white so I can afford it right? Whities that rescue neglected black children, opening places like Cotlands and Mes and whatever. Looking after kids that can’t look after themselves. Mostly black kids. White people adopt black and coloured babies. I give at robots – food, money, juice, whatever I have handy at that point in time.

Alas. There are poor white people as well. Just because you’re white does not exempt you from being stupid. Or lazy. Or having no opportunities. It does not automatically mean that you will get every chance given to you on a plate, and have a happy life. It does not guarantee you a house, or a job. It does, however, in this country, guarantee that you will not be helped.

Not because you don’t need it. Not because you don’t deserve help. But because you are white. Your ID number ends with the number 2. And that, according to the current idiots in parliament, guarantees you to be screwed even more.

I used to work with computers. I was responsible for the working systems of a whole hospital and all it’s doctors. Without my know-how and expertise, the hospital would not have been able to function. When I left said hospital, they replaced me with 3 different people.

And now, I’m a receptionist. Not that I’m begrudging the job, not at all. I’m very grateful for it. But the reason I’m doing this is not because I don’t deserve anything better. It’s not because I’m not capable of doing anything else. It’s because I’m white. And not employable anymore. Because I don’t fit the criteria. So far I am still able to keep the wolf at bay. And that will continue to be the case as long as I work. Should that stop though, I will be relegated to the great masses of people out there not able to earn a living because of the colour of their skin. I won’t be able to get help from any kind of government subsidy. I don’t qualify for any grants.

I can’t even open my own business because the government is even regulating that. I’m forced to be part owner with Mrs Tshabalala if I want to have a business bigger than an egg. I’m forced to employ x number of employees of colour. And some of them have to be management. In fact, most of them must be management. They must get profit sharing. Must get increases of a certain amount per annum – regardless of their performance… And as per the abovementioned article, I have to spend my profits on people of colour too.

So they want me to make them tax money. They want me to employ people that can also make them tax money. But they won’t allow me to help my own people? And if I do, I will not get the rebate that charity contributions traditionally garner as a tax break. I suppose it won’t be a major problem should I donate to charity out of pocket. I mean, charity is a loss no matter how you look at it. It’s just the thought of being forced to only help a certain group of people. For the only reason that they are people of colour. Not because they are more deserving of help than any other person on earth or in this country.

Which is all well since, according to this government, they are fixing the wrongs of the past. Do they also realise that they are shooting themselves in the foot at the same time? If you allow people to make money to the best of their ability, be it white, black, coloured, Indian – the success will filter down to the rest of the country. They will spend more. They will employ more people. And, since people are a mercenary lot, they will always take the cheapest labour. But they will have labour. They will pay more tax, which will give you cretinous lot more money to blow on black cars and houses and wives. Force them to fit your criteria though, and they will either find ways to screw you out of your ill-deserved tax money, they will move their profits to an off shore account, or they will move themselves off shore. Leaving you high and dry sitting on your principles with a whole lot of nothing underneath.

But then, principles are so good at feeding the hungry hordes, not so?

I had a much angrier post planned. Then I went on lunch. I am still angry at what they’re doing. At how they are still, after almost 20 years, measuring everything in a black and white sense. Still making me the scapegoat for their inabilities, trying to make me feel guilty for being born the way I have been. Not only that. People should be fair. In all things. Be fair. And that’s what makes me the angriest. The unfairness. And the fact that I can’t do a single thing about it.

I am sorry if you took offence to what I wrote. Offence was not the intended outcome – just a statement of facts according to how I see them.



8 comments on “What do you do…

    • Apartheid will never be dead. It’s a natural phenomenon. It time people realise it, and just accept it.
      But the lot we have now, they are going to kill us H. It’s ok for me, I’m old, had my life. What about my kids? Why don’t they deserve a decent life too?

  1. BBEEE is a huge load of bull. People of colour just don’t want to go out there to look for opportunities or they don’t take them because it’s gonna require hard work. My dad was treated as a person of colour when he first got here and he had a shit job but he’s made it all the way now to being the owner of a successful business. He worked his ass off and didn’t just expect it to be handed to him like many people do nowadays.
    It must just be scrapped. Like you say, blacks aren’t te only poor ones out there and yet the baboons in government believe we should only help them. What happened happened to that thing in the Constitution saying that you have the right not to be disdriminated against because of your race?
    Oh and if you need a BBEEE partner, give me a shout, I’ll gladly be of assistance 😉

    • So you might have your uses after all 😉
      as for the constitution – it’s only a matter of time before the baboons, as you call them, can change that, and then we’re all up shit creek with a broken paddle.
      Spoke to a dude today that reckons they need a change in their advisors. I reckon 1 well placed incendiary device. They might be replaced with a whole new lot, but maybe the new lot will have more sense than sperm.

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