A spot of Saturday cheer

The sun is shining, the wind is not blowing fit to break anything, the sound of lawnmowers mowing, dogs barking, birds twittering – all in all a good day.

Thought a bit of a joke won’t go amiss…


The Doctor’s Advice

A man was walking into the hospital for a routine
examination the other day. Just as he reached the main
entrance, another man, who had just exited the hospital,
keeled over on the sidewalk. The first man ran towards the
second and noticed that he was obviously dead.

The man rushed into the hospital, grabbed the first doctor
that he could find, and screamed, “Doctor, Doctor!! A man
just walked out of the hospital and dropped dead on the
sidewalk!! What should I do?”

The doctor thought about this dilemma for a few moments,
then suggested, “Spin him around. Make it look like he was
coming in.”


Enjoy the day folks – hope it’s a good one!


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