…had a good journey home.

Of course it had to be filled with trucks and taxi drivers and people in huge Benzes that can’t seem to move forward.

But that’s par for this particular course/

My journey started on Woodmead drive. Stuff up. Then I continued on to Allandale to join the highway.

Played this song.

2 youngish dudes in a bakkie next to me, their windows open basically stopped next to me to hear ;-). Or to look – don’t know which.

They moved forward, I moved forward.

Playlist changed to this.

Again, they stopped a while to hear.

Then, this started.

And they stayed with me quite a while.

Must have the same brilliant taste in music I do 😉

And then we got on the highway, and lost one another.

Can’t help playing a little scene in my head – made for a nice few minutes of pondering while trying to make my way through the gauntlet that’s called the N1.

Hope this weekend treats you as well as can be – in spite of yourself!!



16 comments on “almost…

    • It was a relatively good traffic day 😉
      Glad you liked the tunes Esperanza – BTW – be wary of that Nafees fellow commenting on your stuff these days – he has stalker written all over him!!

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