Stupid people.

They are many.

Or do people just not think?

A while ago a guy asks me for a travel request form. I have it on my machine – ask if I can e mail it to him. No, just print me a copy. Dude asks me to print him a second copy. I print to a multi-function unit – meaning it can print, scan, fax…AND MAKE COPIES. But noooo. I’ve got boobs, and he’s waaay to busy to make a copy at the copier. Rather let me print him 2.

Get a phone call today. “I’m still waiting for the cost code for the booking you made”.

“Sorry, I sent it to you the day you asked for it”.

“No, that number is not correct, it must have more digits”.

I’m stumped. The cost code has only so many digits. That’s it. Turns out she’s looking for the GL code. Totally different ball game. Gets all huffy,tells me – ” so, I used different terminology”…

Chick. Your cost centre and your GL are 2 completely different things. Used for completely different calculations in your accounting system. But OK. Get all uptight because I dared point that out. Which I did actually not. But in order for me to know what number she wants, I had to get the correct terminology.

Did a stationary PO last week. Got the stuff today, which means it has to be GRV’d. The chick that stood next to me while I was doing the PO, now tells me that I should have waited for her, and that we will have to cancel the PO and redo it. And I can distinctly remember her telling me which tax code to use, since they are different from travel to stock. Β According to her, I did not wait for her before I did the PO.

Now I’m wondering.


All I’m trying to do is a job. I’m trying to do it as best I can. Maybe, if I do it well enough, I might be offered something more challenging and permanent. But I keep on bumping my head against all these brick walls. People that does not seem to want to work, and that will ALWAYS pass the buck. What do I do now? Do I even mention remembering her showing me what to do? Not my style – that kind of situation invariably turns into a huge mud slinging thing, and I end up covered in it.

Customers leave messages. I forward the messages religiously. The people don’t return the messages. So I’m automatically the fart. Or they are constantly on the phone. I get the attitude.

WTF people!! I can only do so much. If I don’t get cooperation from the rest of the folk, I’m kinda screwed!

I have to deduce from this that people don’t actually think before they have any kind of opinion.

So, they might not be stupid, they might just be lazy!


Almost time to go home thank Heavens!!

Maybe I’ll give DJ Fresh another go tonight πŸ˜‰


8 comments on “Stupid people.

    • Feels like I’m always the one to bear the brunt of their stupidity H!!!
      Just once – would be so nice to not have to cover my arse the whole time!

  1. Client’s get their own codes all mixed up when we ask them for it! Then you try match stuff and it just doesn’t work and when you ask them they get all annoyed. I hate it.
    As external auditor, there was one step missing in your process and that is the PO needs to be signed as proof of review by an independent senior person πŸ˜›
    Hope DJ Fresh helped!

    • Not to worry, I had the go-ahead, if not the signature of the senior person in question. I’m just thinking now how my supposed mistake is going to affect everything else – if I should even point out that I did actually not make it on my own – but hey. Let the shit fall where it will.
      Old Fresh did his bit πŸ˜‰

  2. Somewhere I read one of those sarky things that said something to the effect that a person who passes the buck is good management material. Sadly, this seems to be the case more often than not.

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