So, I started a post

It was interrupted.

By many phone calls. And deliveries.

And a person bumping my effing lunch off my effing table, spreading it all over the floor.

“Ohh, sorry, sorry. I’m so sorry. ”

Yeah – sorry does not quite help.

Watch where the hell you put your bloody hands, then, maybe, things will not go quite as off as they have done.

“So, what do you want me to do. Buy you lunch?”

No. I don’t want you to buy me lunch.

I want you to stay as far the hell away from me as you possibly can.

Do you know comfortable people? Do you know that the word comfortable is directly related to the word “Salesperson”? And in extreme cases, the word “Marketing”.

So the poor lot had to come and ask me for sugar. Because it’s the receptionist’s job to make sure that they, G-d forbid, should not have to ask for anything!! Gasp!! Or take anything out of the kitchen cupboard themselves! Oh, the absolute horror!!!

Therefore, I was told by the marketing person this morning to make sure that I see to it that they have enough milk and crap in the kitchen – it’s the receptionists job you see? Since people are so completely and utterly comfortable, they could not be bothered to do anything. And the worst thing is that they’re so utterly comfortable, and completely wrapped up in Β their own fucking arses that they will actually complain about the fact that they don’t have enough shit to stuff their gullets with in the kitchen – and therefore, have no compunction at all in being instrumental in making me lose the bit of a job I managed to find.

I don’t think anybody that has not been in this situation has any idea how it feels to be in a position like this. I am grateful for being able to work. I’m grateful for the money I’ll get at the end of the month. What I am not so grateful for is the way people like me gets treated. Is the kitchen really my responsibility? Why is it so? Β Do I also have to fill up the containers that’s empty? Maybe wash them? Now I’m just being facetious, there is somebody that does that. And my argument is why does she not check to see what’s needed, come to me, get the key and get the stuff? Is that too much to ask?

I go home each night, being grateful for the fact that yet another day passed with me having been able to hold my tongue for a few hours more. Not telling off some completely irritating, arrogant, know-it-all of a sales person!! Not laughing in the face of some very self-important man, and woman. I don’t discriminate between the 2 – if you’re irritating you are irritating. Regardless of gender or nationality.

May this day pass quickly.

May I be given enough strength to hold my cool in the face of adversity.

Quite possibly, I have a lesson in humility to learn…


15 comments on “So, I started a post

    • I don’t hate the job as such, it’s fine by me not to carry the whole world’s responsibilities on my shoulder.
      It’s just the people that thinks I’m stupid because I’m a receptionist!!
      and at my age that’s a bitter pill to swallow!!

  1. You will manage it hun!
    Been there done it, and still dealing with the same arseholes on a daily basis!
    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

    • It just never ends does it Sam?
      Suppose we should both be thankful for whatever mercies we do get.
      i, for one, am glad this day is finally over!!

  2. I know exactly what you mean. I’ve been a receptionist in my younger days, and I had all sorts of irritations to deal with, including wandering hands. 😦 Hope the week improves. Take a couple of tranquilizers. πŸ™‚

    • oh, I dare any one of them to display wandering hands!!! I just dare them!
      I can handle the job, but I do think people should remember they have also been at the bottom at one stage of their lives, and treat others with slightly more respect.
      How is your son AD? Are they OK? I saw that they evacuated people out of NY…

  3. For some reason, people tend to treat receptionists like shit. I never understood why because they’re usually your first point of contact and I’d much rather stay in their good books.
    Hope tomorrow is a better day!

    • What actually really gets me is that they think they’re better than me somehow!!
      I’ve been working at actual jobs for my whole life. Carried responsibilities on my shoulders they could never fathom, and now I have to do this because I can’t find anything else.
      And they have the bloody audacity to treat me like some stupid backwater person!!
      It seems my hormones are giving me uphill today – might be best not to speak to too many people πŸ˜‰

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