The only taste of Halloween…

…we’re likely to get here in a very rainy RS of A, is a few tunes.

Elenor Moore seems to have a Halloween tribute tonight.

Now, as already ascertained on AD’s blog, SA kids don’t quite do the trick or treat thing – it’s scary enough to live here under normal circumstances, we don’t need to make it any scarier with ghosts and ghouls – criminals don’t have holidays.


Here’s a few tunes that fits with the theme…

and this one has such a cute video with it 😉

Mt best girl Nina Simone, never fails to thrill…

And this is quite a good rendition from a cool movie.

And this one just because it’s such a cool song, and a really lovely movie 😉


Hope this evening treats you well!


8 comments on “The only taste of Halloween…

    • Hope you listened to the tunes though – they are good, no matter what the season or reason…
      I could not really be bothered with Halloween – we don’t have much to do with it, so it makes no difference to me either way.

  1. The kiddies in our complex are coming to collect their sweets tomorrow afternoon. They’ve done it every year since we started staying here.
    I can actually see your videos today! 😉 I loved the “First Wives Club”, it was such a cool movie. And you’ve forgotten one video on your list, if I’m not mistaken, it’s actually from the 80’s 😉

    • Absolutely from the 80’s!! They made actual music then – not like the crap I have to listen to these days ;-). Spoken like a true old fogey!!

    • Thought so too Tess 😉
      Halloween is not as big here as it is that side, but I’m sure the kids love the free candy ;-). For that matter, so would I 😉

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