Blue lights.

This post contains profanity. Lots of it.


Everywhere in the world, blue lights on cars means the police is somewhere.

It means that there’s something wrong. People in trouble, and the boys in blue are doing their level best to stop that from happening.

The police are the people you can trust to look after and protect you, not so?

These days blue lights and sirens are as likely to mean some fat fuck policeman is trying to skip a robot or get around traffic than that there’s trouble ahead.

In the New South Africa, that’s incidentally not quite as new as it used to be, the word “police” is synonymous with corruption and bribery and wrongful deaths. Not quite the upstanding force it might have been, had they kept the status quo as is all those years ago.


This post is not about black and white. Or is it?

We have a whole lot of new politicians here these days. People not used to power or money apparently. All they do with either is completely abuse it.

And I, and the rest of the few tax payers have to bear the burden of their waste.

Case in point being the Blue light brigade. A caravan of very expensive cars, never anything less than a BMW, Merc and Audi. All black, with tinted windows, fitted with blue lights. Sometimes it’s a bunch of SUV’s. Other times it’s normal sedans – all brand new. Maybe I should not moan too hard – they could start with Chryslers and Cadillacs and Lexus’. Or, heaven forbid, helicopters!!

Driving between JHB and Pretoria. On the highway. At all hours of the day.

When it’s not peak hour traffic, I suppose it’s not really a problem. But no. They either woke up too late, or partied too hard the night before, but they’re ALWAYS in a huge hurry to get to their destination. And the stupid fools that’s just trying to get home from work, or trying to get to work, must just get out of the way.

The whole highway must make way for these bastards in their big, black, blue-lighted cars. Because apparently, we mean less than nothing to the Mr Fuck sitting there, being accompanied by however many body guards he seems to think he needs.

Every time I see one of these brigades, I get this expression on my face. Not quite disgust, but something like it. Frustration. Anger at the futility of my feelings. Bitterness at their waste. As if I smelt something bad. Like old human shit, stuck in a dog’s hair. Don’t ask.

Why all this is necessary, I don’t know. I would not know one politician from the next if he bit me in the arse. They’re all fat, ugly fucks, just causing me misery wherever they go, whatever they do. The people that wants to kill them, can’t recognise them. Me being a case in point,

And the bitterest pill to swallow is the fact that I can do abso-fucking-lutely nothing about it. Not a single thing. If I don’t get out of the way when the fuck wants to pass, the likelihood of them stopping me and actually killing me does exist. I’m white remember. The ENEMY! I can moan and groan as much as I like, nothing will be done about it.

That’s what happens when you live in an African country. They heads of state and their cronies can do what they like, when they like, for however long they like. And the stupid fools that vote for them allow it, because it’s their culture. The headman of the tribe. The main man. He does what he likes.

It’s not mine!!!

Why should I just swallow everything you throw my way? Why do you get to spend millions of MY fucking money to build your houses and to drive your fancy cars? And I can’t even feed myself properly! But you get to live off the fat of my land! I’ve been working here for how long. You’ve lived in other countries – in exile. Poor schmucks! Now you’ve returned in droves, just raping mycountry. Destroying everything I worked for. Because you can. It’s your country. I’m the usurper. The thief. The rubbish.

Until there’s nothing left.

And then they will stand, waiting for hand outs, like all the other African countries, with malnourished children, and sick and dying mothers, no food, no water, nothing. Fuck all. Nada. Zip. Silch.

But hey.

Drive your big black cars.

As long as the stupid taxpayer is still working, you can afford it.


14 comments on “Blue lights.

  1. Have pitty on the power crazy monkeys – when the blue lights flash they are either on their way to McDonalds to by fucking atrocious hamburgers or KFC to buy rotten burnt traditional chicken. Damn arse holes.

    • I get so frustrated at how they negate everybody on the highway H.
      Wish I could just shoot the whole bloody lot of them sometimes!!!
      oops. Brother in law tells me they have a server checking for key words in all the internet traffic – just now I get a police contingent at my gate, checking me out for treason…

    • they just piss me off. Every time I see those blue lights I want to sverve my car into their path. Make them stand still like the rest of us.
      As I always say – one well placed IED, and all will be over.

  2. That is such a terrible situation. In the Philippines, some politicians do the same thing. Only difference is that we don’t have reverse discrimination in terms of color.

    • What’s with third world dictators? Why does nobody stand up to them?
      I don’t get it!!!
      Maybe the people have been indoctrinated too much already. Listen to your fearless leaders. Even if they are cretins.
      Makes absolutely no sense at all.

  3. Hmmmmm……….. makes me happy to be here and not there. African ‘leaders’ suffer from serious delusions of grandeur and self importance. Caring about the gullible people who vote for them, is the last thing on their agenda. 😦

    • That would seem to be the case.
      And the few that has a problem with it are too few to do anything about it.
      Saw them again this morning. Did NOT make my day!!!

  4. Agreed, but then we sit and swallow it. Imagine if everyone who felt as we do announced a taxpayers’ strike. No more tax until the politicians agree in writing to our demands, which would include no more delusions of grandeur and party-party mentality, proper governance, schools and medical care WAY above fancy cars and new benefits and houses for the fat cats … And so on.

    • To get that kind of team work Col – I don’t even think it’s possible!!!
      Africa has ever been a divided place – not even Vavi can get all the wekes to stand together…

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