…and the dicks who drive them.

It would seem that dear Ms Radloff just hates being out of the spotlight. Then again, what’s journalism if it does not stir at least some kind of response?

Case in point this article.

All about how men have a misconception about the sports cars they buy because it’s going to get them chicks.


It’s not a misconception at all.

I can guarantee you, all the females in Lilli’s survey would probably rather go out with a dude that drives a newish car, as opposed to a dude that drives an old car. That is, if they even know what kinds of cars there are, and can tell the difference between a new one and an old one.

Me, I like cars. But I don’t like new cars.

If I had to meet a dude that drives a BMW, I would really think twice on if I want this person in my life. Not because BMW’s are bad cars, to the contrary. They are gorgeous cars. In my experience though, people that drive them have something to prove to the rest of the world. Personal experience that is.

If I met a dude that drives a Ferrari, well, I’m not quite the svelthe, blonde model type that will suit a car of that kind. And that’s probably the reason the guy got a car like that. Because, even though Lilli’s survey might not think it, most females are rather shallow when it comes to having a dude buy them stuff. And, in some cases, these women bargain on their beauty to find them a bloke that can pay for future face lifts and jewels, and the dude in question, gets arm candy – a simple relationship, one that’s been practiced since time began, and will, in all likelihood, continue. It works for both parties.

If a bloke wants to catch me with his method of transport, well, I have 3 firm favourites. 2007 Audi RS 4, electric blue. 1968 Mustang, with nothing less than a v8 under the bonnet. And a 1968 stock standard Karmen Ghia. Of course it would be better if he gave me any of these cars – I will be his forever ;-).

Barring that, if I only get to drive them, have fun with them for a while, well, it would be worth his while 😉

Barring that though, I would in all probability rather go for a guy with a well cared for classic car than a guy with a shiny new sports car.

Reason for that – I can help the classic dude in  the garage with caring for the baby. I can understand the work and love that goes into restoring a classic car, and keeping it that way.

The shiny new car? Well, a dude like that would not want me to get dirty oil and grease under my 10″ nails. Or sweat off all my carefully applied make up. Because I’m really only there to make him look good with his buddies and enemies.

Men and cars have a very close relationship. Most guys that is. Some just get a car, drive it and sell it. Take it for services and tyres and brakes with no real relationship.

Some guys love the muscle, the speed, the agility, the sheer power and sound that overwhelms you when driving a muscle car. The fun of fiddling with an engine to coax just another few horsepower from it. Play with turbo’s, and  petrol and NOS mixtures, finely turned jets, custom made manifolds.

Some like the screech of an actual sports car. They like the power, and the sleekness of the machine. The specialised equipment needed to service the car, the computerised fine tuning, all the bells and whistles. Not to mention the look of the beast. Sleek lines, smooth interiors…

Some just like the economy and stability of your general cars. They appreciate the fact that you can still get enjoyment out of something that’s really just a runabout. Either in the design, or the road holding, maybe just the abs and airbags.

But most guys do have a relationship with their cars. They make sure that they are clean and looked after, getting regular services, no bald tyres – the usual.

Most women don’t really have such a relationship with their cars. They don’t know enough, and don’t really care enough to talk to their cars, or do see them as an extension of their lives.

As always, complete generalisation. Since I, myself, have called big SUV drivers all kinds of names. That’s not the car’s fault though – you’re an arse before you get into it, not because you drive it.

So, Ms Radloff. Not all dudes that drives swanky cars have small dicks. But apparently all women thinks so 😉



18 comments on “Cars…

  1. Read it and had an enormous laugh because as an oldie all I can say is money, fancy cars and size is a joke – it is technique, compassion and personality that at the end of the day, and as some discover maybe too late, that is the victor.

  2. Id like a mustang….im not really into cars though…been rebuilding a classic beetle for years but ive lost interest……..ive got two Nissan 1400 bakkies and will never part with them as they are so simple ,cheap, usefull , reliable and tough and I can still fix them myself as there are no electronic jiggery pokery bits involved…a coat hanger and a few basic tools will get you home everytime if you breakdown……its not called a kaniedood for no reason. …..and I can go almost anywhere a 4x 4 can go…… I have lost my internet connection so cannot blog but I still get the email notifications….not sure if you will get this reply though……….

    • Those little Datsun bakkies just lasts forever and ever 😉
      Och, cars are just dreams for me. Maybe one day I’ll be able to find the one that I can grow old and die with 😉
      Sucks that you can’t blog anymore Pan!!

  3. It’s on my bucket list to get a classic beetle and fix it up. I don’t actually know jack about cars but I have quite a few guy friends who are more than willing to help 🙂

  4. It’s on my bucket list to get a classic beetle and fix it up. I don’t actually know jack about cars but I have quite a few guy friends who are more than willing to help 🙂

  5. My favourite cars were my E-Type Jags, back in the late 70’s and early 80’s. I really used to do a bit of low flying in them. 🙂 The second one had a V12 engine, which sounded like a jet engine when I took off from the robots. Those were the days. 😆

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