Have to admit – I could not really be bothered to post today.

What about?

Thought about talking about how much better natural birth is to c section. And how the silly women of today have no real idea of what they’re really missing by getting their babies to fit in with theirs and the doctor’s schedule. Then again, we live in a very comfortable society. A time when people don’t really bother doing anything if they don’t really have to. And who even cares? They’re the moms that has to struggle with grommets and adenoids and lung issues, not to mention psychological issues. I’ve had my turn, and most people just hear what they want to hear in any case, so I’m not even bothering in that regard.

Then I thought of writing about bikers. How I envy them their freedom, and agility, speed. And how they don’t really deserve my envy. Why on earth would I ever be envious of a bunch of people that could not be bothered to say a simple thank you when I get out of your way? Or try to. Face it bloke, I don’t actually HAVE to let you pass between me and the car next to me. it’s a courtesy I give you. And I can guarantee that you will have many gestures should I not move when you want me to. Why not just say thank you? Won’t cost you a single thing. Then again, the people that should read this are not the reading type. More of a pictures kind of folk…

Then I thought of the movie, How Stella got her groove back. Enjoyed it immensely. And that got me to thinking about little T that was at work on Friday. A sweet young man. Good looking, nice voice. Thing is, he’s closer to my kid’s ages than he is to mine. And there are few things more sad than a piece of dried up, grey female, making a fool of herself over a young man. Not a situation I’m likely to let myself fall into. Still. There’s no reason a relationship like that has to fail. I think it could be good for both partners. The young man helping the old lady stay young, and the old lady tempering the youthful vigour slightly. Not to mention, enjoying it ;-). Only real problem there would be kids. I’ve had them, not planning on having more, so, if he wants kids, playtime will be significantly shortened.

I’ve been brewing on a cancer post for a long time. What do they mean by “Fight breast cancer”? You can’t fight it. It’s either there, or it’s not. The only control you have over it is to do your self examinations regularly, and listening to your body – it will tell you if there’s something wrong. But fight it, no way. And all these prayers for a cure for cancer – do you realise how many millions of people would be completely jobless should that happen? And since cancer is becoming more and more prevalent I’m thinking it’s just another way of pest control. A removal of the weak and ignorant, the ones with no recourse. Me being one of the last lot. If I get cancer now, I’m kinda screwed(for that matter, any serious illness!!) – state medical facilities are not quite worth their weight in gold, so I’ll likely die a horrible death in that case. And there’s just no fighting the Big Exterminator. Your line has been drawn, and it matters not when or how. Know that it’s there, and live whatever life you have as best you can.

A seriously scrambled post. As half decent as life is at the moment, nothing is certain. I only have a contract until the end of December. What I’m going to do after that is anybody’s guess, since I’m apparently still completely unemployable. Even for jobs that I have actually done at the same company I used to do them at. Strange thing that. But hey. It’s their loss. I mean, I was showed today how to do the PO’s for travel. Took me all of 10 minutes and 1 assisted PO, and I was A for away. But NOOOO. I’m not employable because I’m not black. Fine then. Something, somewhere will happen. It always does. I must just stand my ground, bend with the wind.

Let me leave you with my latest practice sessions on Guitar Hero.



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  1. My siblings and I are all c-section babies even though my mom wanted it natural. She said that after you’ve had one via c-section all of them have to be that way too…
    I get so annoyed by bikers when there’s no space for me to move to let them through and they start revving their engines. Revving your stupid engine isn’t gonna make any space! And they think they own the roads and everyone should just make way for them. Almost as bad as taxis…
    As for terminal diseases, this is gonna sound really mean and heartless but the world is overpopulated so we can’t just hang around and wait for everyone to die of old age.
    And finally, I’m sure that you’ll find a more permanent job soon! I’ll keep my fingers crossed 🙂

    • It’s true that you can’t give normal birth after you’ve had a c section – which is why you should start with natural, and if that does not work out, go the other route. The other route should, according to me, never be the first choice.
      As for bikers – I really don’t mind moving out the way. I always look for them, and make sure i don’t overtake and suchlike – trying to save their lives you see. I would think a thanks would be in order!
      any disease is pest control. Way too many people on planet Earth. she can’t sustain us all anymore.
      As for the job, I do hope so!
      Take it you could not see the videos I posted? Think there’s something wrong with Google chrome. What a bloody mission!!

      • I’m checking from my phone, not very user friendly for videos ad would cost WAY too much to watch them. Will take a look when I’m on the computer 🙂

    • Did not have a truck today – had it on Saturday – almost kisboude!!
      And vortex it was – I’m clearly in a mood these days – hopefully it will pass soon 😉

  2. Pity you didn’t post on all those subjects you thought of – you had a lot to say on them! 🙂
    Something that has always struck me as skewed is the way people sort-of accept older men with young chicks, but look sideways at older women with younger men. Helloooo! Who lives the longest, statistically? And why should it be different?

    • A lot indeed Col, but clearly not enough for a whole post on each.
      As for the older chick, younger man – I dunno. I’ve seen really hot older women with young men.
      Maybe it has something to do with how you age…

      • Oh, I’m not saying you don’t see it. What I am saying is this difference in perception – people seem more disparaging about it than the other way around.

      • People are way more disparaging.
        Quite silly really, because anybody can keep their youth – you just have to buy it drinks 😉
        I think maybe that kind of posturing is more a male thing – bragging with the young thing. It’s a totally different ballgame with a female. I think. Maybe this bears a tad more thinking on…

  3. What a lot of questions you have swirling around in your head. I really hope that your contract will be extended past December. If not, have faith that something else will turn up. Holding thumbs for you.

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