I’m going to have to…

…shoot out my mind’s eye!!!

Saw a dude just now. One of the many I see during the day, but this one is engraved on my mind’s eye.

Not because he was the most gorgeous thing on 2 legs. Not because he smelled – good or bad. Not because he’s particularly articulate.


Because he’s trying to emulate the most displeasing fashion of only pulling your pants up halfway.Β  Not that that is really a major problem in the bigger scheme of things, I mean, it’s not as if people see actual but crack, you know? Although, how they can walk without looking like bloody penguins is beyond me!!

This one apparently missed that memo.

And wore his pants halfmast, with no boxers.

Also not necessarily a problem, he was wearing a longish shirt to cover the bubble that sort of uhhmmm, bubbled over the pants. And then he bent to pick up his laptopcase. And I was blinded by his everlasting buttcrack.

So not cool!!!

Maybe, if he at least had a cute ass, I could have let it slide.

He did not.

It was white, and pasty, and sort of flat. With a whole lot of crack!!

But then the day got a whole lot better when young T walked in. Such a delight to watch and listen toΒ  ;-).

And probably closer to my son’s age than mine!!

But hey, a girl can perv, not so?

Hope this Friday is treating you well…



18 comments on “I’m going to have to…

  1. “…. walk without looking like bloody penguins ….” LMAO I am walking like a pidgeon. After the Lion’s Head hike age and youthful injuries caught up – Anterior Cruciate Ligament blessing – at least when I bend over my bum is covered and when I stand up straight it is a boepie not a beer barrel. Thursday next visit to the supreme sangoma. Enjoy the weekend.

    • Suffereing from youthful injuries at your age means that you’ve had a good life H πŸ˜‰
      And that you lived every day to the fullest!!
      Hope the supreme sangoma has good doepa πŸ˜‰

  2. OMG–but don’t you think looking at a guy isn’t as bad as being presented with a female. Think abour thirty-ish. In classroom environment. BEFORE she even bends over (and she’s in front tof me), I get the tour de France. UGH.I’ll never be able to look her in the face again without seeing what she’s carting around behind her again.

    • Don’t worry, I see that as well.
      One of the chicks here has a spot of booty going on. Wears hipsters. With the crack showing without her even bending over…

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