So. You have a boss…


That’s the thing with bosses. They’re just about everywhere.

They come in all shapes and sizes an most of all, all temperaments.

Some bosses are so laid back you’re hard pressed to get them to do anything, even pay you.

Others are so completely anal, working for them is an exercise in tongue biting at the best of times.

Some have just completely irrational ideas of just what the average drone is capable of.

Some have absolutely no expectations, and does just about everything himself, with scathing looks everywhere.

We have a slightly anal boss. Not necessarily a bad boss, but he gets a knot in the g string every so often.

What I was thinking about.

If you, as a drone, has a knot, you’re told to leave it at home. Often we are sent on courses that’s supposed to help us keep our home life at home, and our work life at work.

If you come to work and snap at somebody – not so good. If your panties are bunched in many ways, sucks to be you. You get to grin and bear it. You’re just a drone, after all.

But boy!!!

Let the boss get a knot in the g string – then everybody jumps. Yes sir, no sir, of course sir. Maybe he’s having one of “those”days. Suppose with the title, “Boss”, he does deserve some perks ;-). What’s not always so cool is the way they seem to forget that they were not always boss. They were also at the bottom of the food chain at one stage of their lives. And just because drones are drones, does not mean they should be disrespected by you and your inferred superiority.

I also get those days though. And then I have to listen to some stupid dude that gets pissed off if the people are ALWAYS on the phone when he calls. Dude. You’re not the only person these people speaks to. You are certainly not the only one that has to wait in line. Join the club, and handle your shit like everybody else has to.

This got me into such shit one day – so much so that I was fired for it, but I likened the boss to a seagull. They fly in, shits over everything and fucks off ;-). Still. It’s a very apt description of certain types of bosses.

Of cource not all of them are like that. Some are actually decent people. Able to see your point pf view, realise that things are not always well in the land of drone. That you will have your off days, and your better ones. That can laugh at a joke and discipline within reason. Those bosses are very rare – almost and extinct species. Something worth looking for…

Hope your boss is treating you well today 😉



10 comments on “So. You have a boss…

  1. I had one of the best bosses in my previous job. I was so sad when we left, because I knew that this type of person don’t come around that often. 🙂

    Now I have a 2yr old for a boss, who is the most irrational boss I’ve ever had. 🙂

  2. My boss changes on every client. Luckily all the ones I’ve had have been quite nice, I’ve heard that there are some monsters out there.
    According to my friend’s schedule from January, it’s supposed to be pay day tomorrow but the boss decided that “it’s too early” so he’s only paying them next week…

    • What a dick!!!
      See what I mean? he obviously still has money to use for petrol and stuff like that, so of course, EVERYBODY should!
      Again. What a dick!

    • Don’t worry Tess, I did not get fired from the current job – learnt my lesson the hard way!!
      It was a few years ago, but hey – life’s one big lesson not so!!

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