It’s a gay thing…

…or is it?

Had a slight difference of opinion with my son just now.

I saw web pics from the gay pride parade that happened here on Saturday.

Not that I have an issue with gay people. I have gay friends, a gay son, went to a gay wedding, go to gay dances relatively regularly.

And, the more I think about this, the more I realise, it’s not just a gay thing.

Young people everywhere flaunt their absolute disregard for order. For rules.

Now I also know that that’s their job, after all, progress would not happen if people did not break the rules or take chances.

Unfortunately, the progress they’re leading the world to, is not the kind of progress I can quite relate to. Do I want to be looked after by a bunch of tattooed freaks? And I have tattoos of my own. Piercings of my own, so I’m not remotely saying they should not do it. By all means. Live a little. Try it on the other side, feel what it feels like to be young and invincible.

And never forget that you will one day have to live in the real world. You will have to hold down a job of some kind. Have to deal with people on a certain level.

Even I look differently at a young man with dreadlocks as opposed to a young man with decent looking hair. And I also know that you should not judge a book by it’s cover, but really, how often are your first opinions wrong?

So, the disagreement we had was that I asked him what he was wearing during the walk. If he looked relatively decent, and not quite as flaunting as some of the folks. Because I would rather not see a pic of my son in the news because he looks to be a freak. His answer to me was that it was unimportant and that my ego is hampering my better judgement.

So, I have to keep quiet if a kid walks in my house with his pants around his effing knees. Or not say anything if they want to have a face tattoo. Or want to implant horns or little knobblies on their foreheads. I should just accept it, and let them live out their creativity, or whatever the hell they’re doing. Let them be young. Not curb their exploration of everything out there… Not that they will listen to me in any case. It will just be a huge fight and then the kid will in all likelihood just storm out and try and spite me!

Will they EVER try to understand my point of view? My take on this whole thing? My fears regarding the laxness in today’s youth?

Have you seen the way they dress? What their hair looks like? They look like hobo’s!! The girls are at least clean, but hell!! They wear almost nothing… have you heard the music they listen to? i can not see 50c or any of the current lot’s music lasting the test of time. Don’t really want to listen to Lady Gaga when i’m turning Gaga myself šŸ˜‰

And these are the people that has to one day see to it that countries are being run well?


We’re in deep enough shit as it is with our current politicians!

What’s going to happen when the new lot takes the stand?

A bunch of kids that parties so hard, they never work. Park off on the dole or unemployment benefits or their parent’s pockets.

But I’m not allowed to have an opinion about it. Because my ego gets in the way of my better judgement.

Oh well.

Such is life. Such is youth. So wasted on the young.


11 comments on “It’s a gay thing…

  1. Kids will be kids. This batch has been allowed too much freedom, though.
    Anyway, the stupidest thing about kids is that they don’t know just how stupid they are being. Their non-conformism is so conformist it makes them exactly like sheep!

  2. OK, some things I agree and others I don’t. You have a we’ll-articulated point about impulsive body art and ‘self mutilation’. As for the things going downhill, I have heard of this all my life and it had been going on even before my arrival in this world. If that was true, we would be burning in an abysmal hell by now. Obviously, that is not the case, unless we literally believe in some Utopia that never was.
    Your original point that it is hard to reconcile with change is probably the reason we think this way. šŸ™‚

    • While I was typing this, I was thinking about the furore over Elvis and Rock music back in the day.
      I can’t help thinking that this generation is a far cry from that one. Almost as if everybody these days have less values than they had 60 years ago. And that’s what worries me…

    • Absolutely Tess. While they have to explore and push the boundaries, it’s almost as if they have no real goals other than to party as hard as they can for as long as they can…

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