Weekend theme.

Sidey’s weekend theme this week is “Those that survive”

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Those that survive.

“There. all done”, she thought to herself. Looking at the bright red nail polish adorning her hands and feet.

For the first time in what seems to be a lifetime, she’s ready to enter the world of colouring herself. A touch on the nails, a smige on the cheeks and lips. A wipe of the brush over the eyelids.

Colouring yourself is a difficult thing for a survivor. No use entertaining the world of colour when your soul feels dull and grey and dreary. Why bother? It’s such a hassle! And who sees it in any case?

The man that’s left you with the gaping hole in you psyche? The females tittering around the corner? The cute stranger you thought might have looked your way had you been 20 years younger and a few shades less grey in the hair department?

No. You don’t colour yourself for them.

You paint your nails bright pink. You shape your lips in red. Accentuate your blue eyes with a spot of liner – because when you do that, you feel good. About yourself. You look at yourself differently. You react differently. You act differently.

Those that survive lives in a world devoid of colour. Devoid of happiness. It takes time to climb the long road to healing. Time in which you doubt your ability to ever get there. Every bump in the road feels like an insurmountable obstacle. Why bother trying? Why carry on? Why go through the motions of life when all you really want to do is wallow? Self pity, self doubt, self hate… none of them conducive to a healthy outlook on life.

And then. One morning you wake up. And you realise you can breathe again. You see the blue of the sky, smell the lovely fragrances.

And you decide to colour yourself.

Because the time for just existing is past.

The time for living has begun.




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