For me, is getting up at 5 am on a Saturday morning.

And if that’s not enough, my sister messages me last night.

If she gets mom to phone me at 4am, can I pick some mulberry leaves and bring it with?

If she was here, I would have tested her temperature.

As it is, I asked her just what, exactly she was smoking? Acid maybe? Tik? Must have been some good stuff if she thought I was going to climb around on ladders when it was not even light outside!!!

Talk about balls!

I made my thoughts on that crappy idea known before there could be any misunderstanding!!

As things go, I’m awake, clothes set out. Wearing the black pullover I knitted for the Porra before he disappeared into the ether. It’s black, looks good and I am going to a funeral after all, and today is likely to be a bit chilly since the wind has been blowing all day yesterday, and that might just bring a spot of rain. Which reminds me – have to get my umbrella out in case we’re out in the open should it start raining.

Flask of freshly brewed coffee with boiled milk ready, knitting ready for the loooong journey – can’t put my earphones in and read since I’ll be sharing the car with people that will expect actual conversation from me…

And on that note, a cool remix of an old classic, and the hopes that you will have a splendid Saturday!!!


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