Do you know what it looks like?

Do you know what it feels like?

Can you imagine the mountain rolling off your shoulders?

That’s how you feel when you can hold the wolf from the door again.

When you can breathe air not tainted by worry and feelings of inadequacy.

When you know that even if it’s not much, you will get something at the end of the month that YOU worked for, and not somebody else.

When you have a bit of money to put petrol in the car and go visit somebody without feeling guilty about it.

It happens when you can buy a bottle of Douwe Egberts coffee as a treat for a job well done.

Or a magnum, Death by chocolate, ice cream at the end of a long day spent at the office.


Suffice it to say, I got the job.

Granted, it’s only a temp position, but at least I won’t have to worry about everything anymore. Just some things 😉

And, while I’m there, I can look for something else and take it from there.

Money is the same, and, although not a lot, it’s at least more than my expenses, and I will continue with the biscuits – provided I get the bloody oven door back sometime!!

In short, things are looking up. Then again, I’ve been lower than I’ve been in my entire life, and I’m including a sad divorce and my father’s death in that estimation.

Thank you for helping me not to lose hope these past few months.

And I have to thank my God for putting this in my way, and hopefully helping me to succeed at this.

Check out the corny 70’s video – schwiet 😉



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