Hell no!!!

This statement was brought about by Sidey’s comment to my Wooing post.

That guys complain that women don’t want to be wooed, that they do not become sweet and compliant.

Got me thinking.

Usually not a good thing that!!

Is that really what dudes want? A complaint chick?

And what, exactly, does that mean? Does it mean that she should never berate you for getting lost? Or just let you park the bike in the entryway? Or let you fix your alternator on the kitchen table and use her cake pans for catching the oil when you do an oil change? Does it mean that she lets you choose her clothes, hair length and colour? Or that she frantically diets because YOU think she’s fat?

Does it mean she never says anything when you have huge parties at home, even though you can’t afford it?

During said wooing, does it mean that if you take her sky diving, and she’s scared shitless, she must just keep quiet and jump out of the plane because she does not want the wooing to stop? Or if you insist on feeding her oysters, and she’s having a hard time aquiring the taste, should she literally just swallow and not say anything? If you keep on drinking beer after beer and she’s not drinking anything, must she be COMPLIANT and get in the car with you for the drive home?

A buddy of mine once said that if your dude takes you somewhere and it sucks, you should just keep quiet. Because, if you say anything, you hurt him. Because it’s not his fault the place sucked. And you should show gratitude that he took you anywhere. That, if you say anything bad about the place HE took you to, you’re emasculating him.

I watched the movie,Stepford Wives. If a guy wants a woman like that, he would not have to do any wooing. She will just allow him to do whatever, whenever.


This, I can not do.

I have Β lived the life of a Stepford woman, and I was STILL cheated on. I kept quiet while he did just what he liked for how long he liked with whomever he liked.

I will NOT be put in that same situation ever again in my life.

So guy.

I appreciate an opened door more than you can fathom. A chair pulled from a table for me to sit in, lovely. A phone call in the morning before work – many points scored every time. I won’t berate you for not doing it, I will just see your character all the more clearly. I can be sweeter than the sweetest candy. Β Better than any woman. I can talk, laugh, make you laugh, enjoy life. I can enjoy your car with you, a bike ride, even a workshop.

But I will not become compliant just to keep you in my life. And if you can’t handle that, then you’re just not worth having.



16 comments on “Compliant?

  1. It takes two to tango or a relationship is a two way street between two people. Compliant seems too close to doormat for my liking. If he wants compliant let him get a blowup doll

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