Sidey’s weekend theme…


Posted this pic on Facebook a while ago.

Taken at my house – in May sometime I think.

A friend of mine commented that Rusty would say – Blues skies. Another perfect day in Africa.

Rusty was a good friend, possible life mate. But he’s dead now.


Back to the colour Blue.

On days in Africa, when the sky is so blue it hurts your eyes to look at it, it’s easy to forget all the strife we deal with.

When all the many blue coloured flowers bloom, it’s easy to forget that your country does not want you here.

The sun shines on the blue ocean, making the waves dance with sparkles. Makes it easy to forget that you are not a viable contributor to life.

Maybe that’s why the colour blue has become synonymous Β with feeling down.

Because blue is such a vibrant colour. So indicative of good weather and coolness, life-giving water.

And to realise that you’re not seeing the vibrancy and goodness in it because your feelings don’t allow you to.



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