Go figure…

Murphy, or the Universe has a huge sense of humour.

Usually at the expense of the lowly creatures on Earth…

In this case, me.

I’ve been jobless now for how many months. I’ve been for exactly 2 interviews. Been doing just about nothing every single day. diddling here, daddling there, just keeping my mind and hands occupied.

And the first day I have something planned, something I look forward to, I get called. by the people of the last interview. To come in today and temp for 2 days.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m very grateful for the chance to make a bit of extra cash. Might make an actual difference in the money I pay into my bond this month end. They might even seriously consider me for the long term temp position they interviewed me for, depending on today’s performance. But really people!!! Did it have to be today?

Life and it’s curve balls – suppose that’s what makes it interesting 😉



Geppetto runs into his beloved Pinocchio at the mall one day.
He asks how things are going. Pinocchio stammers “uh… well
I have problems… with my girlfriend. You know? Splinters”.

Geppetto chuckles fatherly, winks and says “sandpaper, my boy.

A month later he runs into Pinocchio again and asks how’s it going
with his, er, problem.

Pinocchio asks “what problem?”

“You know, with the girlfriend (nudge nudge)” Geppetto says.

“Girlfriend?” Pinocchio says. “Who needs girls?”


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