Spelled correctly 😉

This is the theme Sidey has chosen this weekend.


And every time I type the word, Google chrome marks it as a spelling mistake – so distracting!!

Just as well I read a lot, otherwise I might get sucked into the American, user friendly way of spelling and that just won’t do!

The Blue Mosque in Istanbul







Just a nice light – also in Istanbul, place of magic for me 😉

What to write about colours though?

I have not the faintest idea.

As big a role as colours play in everybody’s life, how on earth do you wax lyrical about it?

It’s just there. Every day. Surrounding us.



Cautiously, she opens the parcel. Wrapped in brown paper, she’s not sure what to expect. No idea where it came from, or who sent it – all the more reason to be careful. Never know what mischief people can get up to!

Slowly the box reveals it’s treasure.

A riot of colour explodes from the box. A myriad of packing peanuts, painted in every imaginable colour dances in the confines, wrapping yet another box. This time a plain, white square, with only her name in beautiful, cursive writing on it.

She removes the white square from the colours in the box.

Opens it.

Inside, something she would never have expected. Immediately she knows who the parcel was from.

He sent her a ring. A square cut sapphire. Set in gold. Surrounded by diamonds.

The one thing he never gave her, not in all the time they knew each other. The one thing she never expected he would ever give her.

The bell above the shop door rings. She slides the ring on her finger. The ring finger of her left hand. Where it belongs. Puts the box aside – customers are waiting, they have to be served.

As she rounds the bookshelf separating the bookshop proper from her office, she sees a familiar outline.

And knows. All is right with her world.

The song I should have included in my morning post – Misty morning…




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