The Grey issue.

Needs to be addressed…


It would seem that the whole world and it’s cat are reading Fifty shades of Grey.

I read one book. Now that’s a few hours I won’t be getting back!! Am I going to read the rest of the series? Why is it even a series? One book is usually enough to do the boy meets girl thing, even if there is some kink in the mix!

Not that I’m really sorry I read it, I just can’t for the life of me see what the hype is about. If you’re into Erotica as a genre, there are any number of better books. Because erotica is supposed to stimulate you, not so?

Well, Grey did not stimulate me in the slightest. Not because I’m not into the Dom sub situation, just because it was not, for me, hot at all. I’ve read a whole bunch of bondage books with scenes that are way hotter than any of the scenes in Grey…

A virgin. A, not even 30 yet, business tycoon. Both completely unbelievable. Maybe because I have no frame of reference. Tycoons, or for that matter, men of all ages and shapes being complete arseholes most of the time. Virgin young chicks – been a while since I’ve been either one, so sorry – I’m not inclined to read about her first experience being with a good lover – and that she actually orgasmed! Truth be told, your first sexual experience usually leaves something to be desired. And here’s this young, nubile thing, having the time of her life with a weird dude. One that can buy her technology to make their experience slightly better.

Maybe I’m just jealous, who knows!!

I still can’t see why these books have taken the world by storm.

The one I read was not particularly well written, did not contain major hot-up scenes, I can’t relate to the characters in any way, shape or form. It was not one of those books that you just HAD to finish. I could, and actually, did put it down every so often.

In fact.

It kind of irritated me. If I met a chick like that, I would steer clear. Can’t say the same for the dude, but I would KNOW there was something wrong with him – because I’m not a 20-something virgin anymore. Which makes the dude suspect – can’t he get chicks his own age and experience? Must he corrupt a young girl? And as the story progresses, you realise that the guy is a coke short of a happy meal.

Maybe I should read the rest of the series – see if my thoughts on this matter changes. It might, it might not.

For now, my judgement on this book is that I’ve read better.

And so endeth my first ever book review 😉

And, on searching for a tune, I came across a trailer. For a movie. Wonder how they’re going to handle the tampon scene…

Do have a splendid day folks!!



14 comments on “The Grey issue.

      • You’re missing the point Pan.
        Porn and erotica can be used to enrich the experience.
        But hey, different strokes, do pardon the pun…
        And i, unfortunately can’t go and have sex anytime I want, so I have to make do with what I have at hand so to speak 😉

  1. I agree with you, Ghia. I read the first book because of the hype and because it cost me nothing. The writing is also terrible. I kept wanting to take out my marker to make changes…My daughter at 34 (and married) took forever to read it. She kept putting it down. Come to think of it, I wonder who she lent it to of if she even finished it. Anyway, she was NOT impressed either.

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