Music passion.

This month the music passion is “Blues”

It is hosted by Allaboutlemon – go have a look see 😉

I’ve been thinking about the blues for a while.

Only song I can think of that has Blues in the title is Elton john – I guess that’s why they call it the blues.

Cool song, and I’ve always liked it, so it will be one of my blues contributions.

And then I got to thinking of a South African dude that does the blues – apparently very well.

The song I’ve chosen from him does not have blues in the title, but I think it fits the genre relatively well – let me know what you think of him, and if the song is indeed bluesy enough for the theme 😉


Do enjoy, and put up your own song for the month – always good to see what people come up with!



17 comments on “Music passion.

  1. I don’t want to steal anyone’s thunder, but if you had not heard a live blues presentation in New Orleans as I have had the pleasure of experiencing in the 1970s you can only imagine what the Blues are like and the same goes for jazz. But still it is GREAT music.

    PS Got WordPress working again so the othere blues are bygone.

    • Well, yes…
      Chances of me EVER getting to the Big Easy to hear the tunes is probably about as likely as me falling pregnant today…
      So, I’ll have to take what I can get 😉
      Glad you at least enjoyed the tunes H!

    • He is quite cute 😉
      Even cuter when he’s standing next to me!! Was fortunate to see a show of him a few years back, and took the opportunity to have a “celebrity pic” taken with him 😉

  2. i’m a huge blues fan – especially the south african ones. dan patlansky – you have to see him live!! also check out the following south african artists: gerald clark, albert frost, the blues broers, jackhammer, piet botha, valiant swart … 😉

    • are you a South African?
      I know of a few of those guys, and have seen Dan live, although it was more of an unplugged concert in a park than an actual blues show. My sister and her buddies go and see him just about every time he plays in Pta.
      Thanks for the heads up 😉

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