Could be misconstrued…

Was thinking about this since a road altercation with a female yesterday. She cut in front of me. I did not like it. She felt entitled to her non-existent driving skills, and it turned into a battle of wills – which she won because she was in front, there were cars behind me and she had a faster car. Stupid bitch!!



We’re all entitled to our spot in the sun. To running water and housing and indoor plumbing and education…

Or are we?

Can you be entitled if you don’t work? If you don’t contribute?

I heard on the news today that a school for disabled people burnt down in Johburg’s city centre. The passageways were flooded with , gasp!, water from the firehoses. And we all know water is such an ineffective way of putting out fires!! A bunch of shacks burnt down as well, although I have no idea how you would put up shacks in the city centre – no open spaces. Anyhow. The people that was displaced was angry. Not because their houses burnt down. Because they were only given one blanket each by the relief workers. They felt themselves entitled to 2 blankets or however many they wanted.

It’s not winter anymore. It’s warming up nicely – you don’t really need 2 blankets.

They live in shacks – prone to burning down. They squat on other people’s property. I don’t know if they work or not. Bottom line is, instead of being grateful for the relief workers doing something to lessen their plight, they demand more – because they’re entitled to it.

Like the guy in the States somewhere that saved somebody’s life. And was then sued because he broke the person’s arm while saving them. Such a bastard!! How dare he break her arm? I’m sure he will think twice next time he sees somebody hanging by a thread!

Which brings me back to the whole entitled thing.

Should that word even be used? If that’s the case, I’m also entitled to all those things. Which would allude to the fact that I don’t have to work and pay for it, I must just receive it. I must just be handed my house and my car and my running water – without contributing to anything that will make it happen.

So no.

According to my way of thinking, nobody is entitled to anything they don’t work to have.

At the moment I’m having a hard time paying for everything. Keeping my house and electricity going is a problem. Are they going to listen to me? Nope, they are not. They will evict me at a moment’s notice, cut off my electricity, write up everything I own to recover their money.

But there are people that works less than I do. That has less money than I do. But their water keeps running. They steal electricity if theirs is cut of. They live in houses given to them by the state. And even then they feel themselves entitled to more.

And somebody else always has to pay for it.

Might seem harsh, I know. But really, who foots the bill for the entitled masses? Have I ever carried on about my entitlements? No, I have always worked to provide for myself and my family.

And that’s the way it should be. No matter what you do, you must do something, to contribute to your own welfare and that of your family.

The crux of entitlement is always the following – whatever you feel yourself entitled to, somebody else has to work to pay for it.

And that, folks, is just not quite the way the cookie should crumble.

On a lighter note…

Some music to calm the soul.



5 comments on “Entitlement.

  1. I fully understand your mood. Yes. this entitlement syndrome is driving me round the bend too. The bloody legacy of colonialism and apartheid that was imbedded in the minds of the Third World element – handouts, handouts and handouts.

  2. I absolutely agree with you, 68. I was always taught that nothing is for nothing. We all have to work damn hard for what we have. I just wish that some employer would give you the chance to do just that. It must be so frustrating for you, and a very anxious time indeed. Hugs

  3. It is indeed quite infuriating how this idea of entitlement has grown, to an extent where, if deprived of something, some people resort to destroying the very things they want. Not enough buses? Burn a few to get the point across. Can’t afford to pay an unrealistic salary? Damage some of the infrastructure which produces the income. Logic?
    Enjoyed the bout of Chopin.

  4. Infuriating isn’t a strong enough word. We have people with entitlements here too–what bothers me is they come to our country because its much better than theirs and then demand we change for THEM. They get more handouts, perks and changes to their benefit than people who have lost their jobs and are trying to find employment and hang on to their house and family.

    Well put, Ghia.

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