It was cold.

and now it’s hot.

Suddenly. No warning. No rain. Bit of a wind.

One day it was cold enough to wear sweaters and long sweatpants. The next day it was hot.

Summer, it seems, has hit the High veld. And we have not even had spring yet!!

The jasmine is flowering, sending it’s seductive scent into the balmy evening air. The mulberry tree is shooting out leaves and mulberries by the dozen. And the silkworms that was languishing in their eggs through the long winter knows this – started to get the few live ones from the egg-boxes so we can start the cycle again. The white stink woods are bare no longer. The thorn trees are showing signs of rejuvenation.

Now, I can only hope for rain. Huge, big thunderstorms to brighten the night sky with it’s power and cover the brown, dusty earth with life-giving water.

And maybe, just maybe, I can start Spring as an employed person. So that spring beginnings will forever have new meaning for me.

Hope you enjoy the song, and the rest of the weekend.

7 comments on “It was cold.

    • We’ll probably be getting a spot of your cold weather here sometime soon H 😉
      But the winter’s over. Until it starts again 😉

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