In the old days…

…people did great things.

They built churches with spires that rises to the sky. With domes that defy gravity, and painted them with beautiful and scary scenes from their Bible. They composed music so lovely, it breaks your heart on hearing it. Only the most learned of them owned a Bible. And those people would take the word of God to the masses.

In the old days, people believed. Implicitly, without proof. Without even being able to read the words for themselves…

I think maybe that’s why the catholic church became as big as it was and likely still is. Because they were the conduit for the great unwashed to God. Or so they had the people believe. And that’s what made them order the Crusades – not for the glory of God. For the glory of the Pope. For money, land, power. The same things men fight for to this very day.

Which brings me to the real reason for this post.

Namely that believing is difficult. It is probably the most difficult thing asked from anybody.

Sure, making ends meet is difficult. Raising your kids right. Living a life worth remembering. All difficult things.

But believing?

Almost impossible. You are asked to put your faith in a God that you will never see. He will never make Himself known to you. His ways being mysterious and all that. You can’t just know what the Bible says. The biggest naysayers know exactly what the Bible says. and they repeat it as every chance. You can’t just know that God exists and that He is in charge of everything. You must believe it. Implicitly, without proof, without doubt.

You don’t sign a contract with your blood if you believe in God. You are given guidelines. And this you must uphold. But only upholding the guidelines is not enough. Inside your mind, your soul, you must know that God is with you. You must live with Him in your deepest darkest parts. You must speak to Him when you have need of guidance. You can go wrong, even if you are a believer. God always forgives you, but in order to accept that forgiveness, you must be a true believer.

If you don’t believe in anything, you just go about your routine. You do what you do, when you want, what you want, for how long you want. Because there’s nothing stopping you. There’s nothing telling you to tread slowly.

If you put your faith in the devil, everything and anything apparently goes. Satan has no interest in pious people, other than to tempt them over to the dark side. If you sign your contract with the devil, the earth is yours – until payment becomes due. And you can’t renege on that contract. Satan will not let you repent and send you on your merry way. He will hold you to the letter of your contract.

I’m not talking religion. Religion is only a smoke screen for power hungry men.

Belief it seems, has nothing to do with religion. So many times in man’s history wars were fought in the name of God. From all sides. God was made a reason to kill other men. He was used as a front for power hungry men to take what they saw and wanted.

God, I think, does not care how big your building is, how high the spire, how beautiful the painting. These things are all of men, and for men.

God needs you to know Him. To believe in Him, regardless of what happens in your life. He will test you. He will mould you. He will temper you. Sometimes until you reach breaking point. And if your belief in Him is still there at the end, He does reward you.

I’ve watched a few movies over the weekend that brought this topic to mind. Different genre’s, different time frames – all with a common thread. Belief is difficult. Knowing is not enough. And God sees what’s inside your heart and soul. He knows if you just pay Him lip-service.

He knows if you believe or not.

Long days and pleasant nights…



12 comments on “In the old days…

  1. Very challenging subject. I think it is true to say that there has been a long era of blind belief, but that this is no longer enough. We are in a time of questioning, and of doubting. Is belief one forces upon oneself really a virtue? Or that is forced upon you by others – that is brainwashing, surely?
    True belief is a conviction which comes of itself. The trouble here is that many ‘true believers’ actually believe in different things. Who is right?

    • Blind belief is all there is Col. If you have too many questions answered, belief is no longer possible – because you know better. As for brainwashing – religion is forced on you. Belief is not something that can be forced.
      As for who is right? I based this on my Christian mindset. For me, this is right. People will differ as is their right to, and not something I’m prepared to get involved in.

  2. There is a huge difference between belief and religion. too many ‘religions’ are ways for some to become powerful or wealthy (look at the TV preachers)

    Belief is completely your own

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