On waste…

Paul did a post on levies on plastic bags.

Got me thinking.

Since the new Government came into power in 1994, they have created many new streams of revenue.

We’re paying a bigger tax on petrol.

Every 5 years you have to get your driver’s licence renewed – before, you had one for life. If your licence gets stolen, something that happens often, you pay for the replacement.

Only your first ID document is free. If yours get stolen(which in SA, is almost a daily occurence), or you get married and want to change your name, you have to pay for the new document.

I think you pay for your passport renewal as well.

You pay a levy on government issue plastic carrier bags.

Every year the tax on cigarettes and alcohol goes up.

We have quite a few more toll roads than we used to have.

We pay much more for electricity.

Property tax has gone up quite a bit.


Now, one would think that with all this money coming in from sources other than normal tax, things would go better here?

Not quite.

Potholes are at the order of the day. If you manage to drive on a road that does not have any, count yourself lucky.

Our hospitals have gone from the best in the world, to probably the worst. No getting better there – they don’t feed patients, don’t see to it that clean bedding is given, medicines – wait until we have stock, kind of thing.

Our education system – the same. There was a time when SA universities were on par with some of the greatest in the world. Our people could compete with graduates from Cambridge and Oxford. Not anymore. Now our campusses are filled with rioting people, demanding the sacking of professors and lecturers because they don’t like them. I’ve often wondered how you can live like that. There’s a reason that person is giving you a class – it’s because he knows more than you do. He does not have to be liked. You just have to be there to soak up his knowledge do you can go forth and be an actual person, instead of a useless know-it-all, that does not mean much in the greater scheme of things. They demand education to be free – since when has anything free been worth working for? If you don’t have to pay for higher education are you going to appreciate it? If you don’t scrimp and save to become a better educated person. will it be worth it?

Our Armed Forces. It can’t be called an army anymore. Buildings are dillapidated, the troops don’t worry about silly things like roll call and training. I’ve heard that 3 quarters of our force are HIV positive. That’s neither here nor there, you can have a good life even while HIV positive. Is it a good thing to have sick people at the fore front of the country’s safety though? We saw a picture of an air force chick doing shopping while in uniform, but wearing pink slippers. Where’s the pride gone to? How can I trust you to look after my well being if you can’t even dress correctly? And face it, armed forced are a regimented thing. Rules for everything. And you have to abide by it, otherwise the whole thing falls apart. That’s the army. Or the air force, the navy. They’re all the same. The rules are there for a reason, not just for you to scoff at.

Our infrastructure. We’ve gone from a functioning First world country, to a dysfunctional third world – in a question of a few years. Nothing is being fixed. We have sewage problems, water treatment plants are being left to rot.

Instead of using the existing electricity generating plants, or using the local, white engineers to build new ones, they are building a huge things somewhere, and have imported a bunch of foreigners to work on it. G-d forbid they should use any SA whities!! That would just be stupid!

Our police force. If you’re not prepared to pay a bribe, be prepared to be beaten and harassed. They appoint chief after chief and they all have a bend somewhere. And I have to listen to these people when they tell me to do something? I have to trust them to uphold the law? How can I? I am more capable of upholding the law than they are!

And then the actual government. That lives a rich life. Filled with brand new cars and big houses and lots of travel. All of it waste. Using money that should be used to keep the country going. And not to line their pockets and keep their family in business.

Maybe I’m just seeing the worst.

But I just can’t see anything good in what’s happening to my country.

Nothing they do makes my life any better. If anything, they just make it worse.

And I have to just take it, because I’m one lone voice in a sea of them. And what bugs me the most is that the rest of the world takes these cretins seriously! They appoint them to world organisations, and hang on their every word, takes it as gospel.

Come live here for a while as normal people do. Bear the brunt of government’s stupid laws and articles. Then we’ll see how fast you change your tune!

And speaking of tunes, here’s one for you πŸ˜‰



17 comments on “On waste…

  1. they take them seriously because it seems all the worlds governments are cut out of the same cloth…………………………but a system like this cannot run indefinitly…..the collapse is coming…………europe is bankrupt as is america….why?because its all been run on fraud and credit (same thing) for the last 5 decades……and the collapse of the dollar will start it…actually its already started…….its gotta collapse sooner or later………global confict is closer than we realize….thats my take in any case.

  2. I basically, because the manner in which I have been crapped on decided to leave politics out of blogging until it really calls for it. You are so shot on it is bingo. Everything very well put.

    • Let them crap H!!
      You have a right to say what you feel needs to be said – after all, life is made up of many different opinions – and we’re all entitled to our own…

    • I hope you’re wrong AD – because, if they do take the cretins seriously, it does not bode well for the IQ of the world’s decision makers!!

  3. Will it make you feel better to hear we must renew our driver’s licence every 12 months? Yes, property taxes here have sky rocketed. I’m worried if my daughter and her husband will be able to live in this house forever…and yes, we pay for plastic bags. In some places, not far from here, they have been outlawed.

    About governments being cut out of the same cloth, I’m starting to think so too.

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