…that make you happy.

Such is Sidey’s weekend theme this lovely almost spring weekend.

Strangely enough my brother in law and I had this discussion last week. He was watching the Grand Prix, which, to me, seems dull. Almost like watching paint dry. He does notΒ do anything else while watching, just watches the screen. He does not even really have a conversation with the people that’s there. According to him, that’s his enjoyment. He experiences a sense of well-being when he watches sport on TV.


What makes me happy?

Many things. But television is not one of those things.

So I had to think long and hard about what makes me happy. Or rather, what I enjoy. What gives me a fleeting sense of well-being. Make me forget the world’s harshness. What helps me be content with my lot in life?

The smell of first rain on dusty paving.

Freshly baked bread.

Puppy breath.Β 

The sound of a well-tuned V8 motor.

And of course, the Audi RS4 – sleek design, smooth lines, clearly audible power.

The feel of small arms around my neck. A sticky kiss, and a clumsy, “I love you mom” In fact, I still have a little note on the dressing table mirror, done in lipstick by my kids – many years ago.

The bittersweet sorrow in the reading of a postcard from an old, but highly valued lover. Putting on a shirt he gave me, feeling him surround me every time I wear it. Wearing his chain around my neck, just to keep him close to my heart.

Music. Melodies that grab your soul and wrings the emotion from it. Voices made to inspire. Talent that makes the piano talk to you. Or the violin. The saxophone. The clarinet. A full orchestra playing, all the sounds mixing together to make notes fly through the air. And make them settle in your soul for well deserved calm.

The taste of a well prepared steak, and the teeth to eat it with πŸ˜‰

The smoothness of a cuppochino. Cream mixed with coffee – the richness coating your mouth with little bursts of flavour.

Chocolate. Dark chocolate. Milk chocolate. With nuts. Or peppermint. Maybe toffee. Or a mouse filling. Never white chocolate. It’s the bean I’m after. Rich, smooth. Melts on your fingers, on your tongue. Savoured until every last piece is gone.

Sitting next to my old man in silence. Letting his close proximity calm my fears. Feeling his unconditional love. He’s just there. And he allows me to also just be. Let’s me cry my tears and deal with my sorrows – making it somewhat bearable just with his precence.

Cold prickly pears on a hot summer’s day. Picked on the farm, cleaned by my father, eaten at dusk.

Driving on a long stratch of road, late at night. Just you, your car and your tunes. No real thoughts. An overwhelming feeling of contentment your only companion. The worries outside the car, not inside. The engine rumbling smoothy, eating the kilometres away. watching the dark bushes fly past you, fleeting, just like so much else in life.

There you have it.Β A list of things that make me, if not happy, at lease happy for the moment. There are many more to add to that. Every day brings it’s own bit of happiness. Be it the fisrt swallow of coffee in the morning, or a quick lunch with fresh bread. Or a cat that comes to say hello, without wanting food πŸ˜‰Β 

But the one thing that has made me actually happy, and continues to do so, has always been my dude. Yes, I know, the broken record!! Still. It can’t be denied. Every time I think of him, I smile. When I feel down, or can’t sleep, I imagine him next to me. Or at least, the thought of him. I was happy in the time we knew each other. No matter how stupid and wrong it was. It will always be a time I think of fondly. And I will always remember him with a smile on my face, and happiness in my heart.


25 comments on “Things…

    • They are few and very far between H πŸ˜‰
      One good thing about being on your own, if you hear a good piece ot music, you can put it as loud as you like!!

  1. really lovely “things that make you happy” πŸ™‚ Chocolate does it for me to. My latest favourite being the dark chocolate kit kat, divine!

  2. I’m sure we can all list many little indulgences that make us happy for the moment. Love yours. That “Hebrew slaves chorus” is also one of my favourite pieces. πŸ™‚

    • It’s one piece of music I will always associate with my father. It usually brought him to tears, as it does me every time I hear it.
      Such harmony.

  3. We have so much in common! πŸ™‚ Puppy breath… smell of steak…Audi…Chocolate…Music…. you have great taste my dear πŸ˜‰ if I say so myself

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