Is not for the faint hearted!


There I was today. Met mom at 9 am – her place. And then we went into the streets.

First to Home affairs to apply for old age pension for her. Met with the usual incompetance and total disdain as from most government offices. Now we have to go to yet another spot, but the people could not, or rather, would not, tell us where that was. Got told to phone Telkom’s directory enquiry…

Allrighty then.

Centurion Mall was next on the list.

But first we had a Cinnabon πŸ˜‰ Always a good way to start any expedition!!

Got Mom’s microwave, and then shopping for the biscuits we’ll be baking come Tuesday. Seems people don’t want bags, but they will always buy something to eat. And cookies are usually a firm favourite. Trick is to catch them on payday with something delicious.

Fact that it’s such hard work is completely besides the point. We will do it, and if we can make at least some profit, all’s well. Unfortunately, to make up the sum of my expenses, we’ll have to triple the amount we spent today and hope that people will buy everything!!

Still, I suppose we have to start somewhere. If it goes well, perfect. As long as we at least sell what me made now. Hopefully before the things go stale…

We got everything we need, so hopefully no inbetween trips when we start the actual baking.

Then we had lunch and then home.

Where I am now.

Quite tired – walking around for a few hours is no joke!!

And thought, maybe I should write something.

Even if only for you guys to wish me well in this particular venture πŸ˜‰

And this is what I’m listening to now…

Is it not just beautiful?


Hope your day has been as good as it could be…


16 comments on “Shopping.

  1. Good luck with your biscuit project. Maybe you could fill your bags with packets of biscuits. It’s great that you and your mom are working together on this. Hope you get her pension sorted out. These departments seem to employ people haters. 😦

    • My sister quoted that piece in the Bible that says you will work hard to earn your bread.
      Apparently not everybody has to, just some πŸ˜‰

    • Yet another project Tess πŸ˜‰ I sound like those people filled with schemes and promises, with nary a good idea to be seen!!
      But thanks, I will work hard, and hopefully make a profit πŸ˜‰
      As for the tune – glad you and the cat enjoyed it!

  2. best of luck with the cookies. I’m going to let you into a little secret, some of the biscuits on sale at the craft markets are not home-made, they are bought from a supplier and packaged to look home made. How do I know? We have a bakery and some of our customers do just that.

    • I know some people do that Ruth. It’s a way of making money, with somebody else doing the work.
      But it’s dishonest. And you can so taste the difference between a real home made cookie and a manufactured one!!
      I will try it the hard way, see if it works. People seem to like stuffing their faces…

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