Stupid people.

They should not be allowed to breed…


Allrighty then.

Today has been, to say the least, a panic inducing kind of day.

Went to the UIF offices this morning. get told that this is my last visit because they only take the last 4 years of employment history into account… Go figure. You work, and you pay, but the government does not need to fullfill their end of the bargain. I mean really, why the hell would they do that? Not as if they owe me anything, now is it? I’m just another useless person, and a white one at that, being a drain on the country’s already strained resources. I mean, the stipend they might be able to pay me will likely be the difference between a fatcat driving a brand new BMW this year as opposed to only next year…

When I left the supercillious bitch at the UIF offices, the thought of running in front of the next big truck I see did cross my mind. It seems the only way out.

Then went to meet the mom and kid, and mom sponsored us a Wimpy breakfast. All were told about the next installment of my screwed up, train wreck of a life. And now the kid is also in a major tizz. I wish I could take this away from him. Wish I was able to handle my own problems, so my kids don’t have to worry about their mom.

Anyhow. That problem I will sort out one way or the other.

Get home. Check my mails.

Last night I sent my abridged CV yet again to a prospective employer. Got a mail back this morning telling me to attach a word document. So, my first thought was that I sent the mail off without an attachment. When I got home after the UIF visit, there’s another e mail from the apparentlycompletely useless HR person at the particular employer, telling me she can’t open the document.

It would seem the problem is completely PEBCAC = problem exists between chair and computer. I sent her a docx document, and not just a .doc document. So. Instead of asking the in-house computer person to help her download a reader – since this is the easiest way of preventing your stupidity from affecting the people around you, she tells me that she can’t open the document. So I saved the document as a normal .doc and sent it to her with profuse apologies. Since that’s what you have to do with stupid people. Can’t let them feel inadequate. Because then they take their ignorance and hit you over the head with it until you capitulate in ay case. And since I want the, to employ me, I suppose I’d better suck up to the stupid HR chick.

What I can’t understand is how she can still have this problem? I get that companies don’t replace PC’s all that often anymore. But the Office version that uses the docx format has been in existence since at least 2008. Since then, a whole Windos OS upgrade has been done and everybody is using Windows 7 with the corresponding new version of office. Why does this person not have a reader for docx documents installed on her machine? I did this when I was still in the Helpdesk game and that was more than 4 years ago!

I thought of maybe blaming the in-house computer person for stupidity. Alas. If those people are not told about the problem, they can’t fix it.

So here’s this HR chick that now thinks I’m using space age technology just to make her look stupid, and she likely has the power to bring that stupid assessment to bear upon my application.

What a viscious circle life can be…


7 comments on “Stupid people.

  1. I have learned that lesson a while ago – I send everybody .doc files, as you may not believe it, but half the population are still using the old Microsoft Office. And if they are upgraded, they can at least still open my file.

  2. Well, at least they came back to you, instead of just deleting it. Hope that now they’ve manage to open it, something positive will come of it. That IUF rule seems so unfair, and just doesn’t make any sense. Does the same apply to everyone who is out of work through no fault of their own?

  3. I work for an IT company, and you would think we’d all be up to date with software, but nope, we all seem to have different versions of office and outlook amongst the many we use 🙂 Quite insane

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