That’s what I did.


Tried to do a post on Sidey’s weekend theme.

Tried to write about what the stupid ex said on Friday.

Thought about writing about the funeral I went to yesterday – not as a participant in sorrow, but as a member of the tea and sandwich brigade at my mom’s church. Words won’t come.

Might have written about the fiasco at Pilgrim’s Rest – yet another variation on the Government’s theme of removing the right to live and make a living from all whiteys in South Africa. It’s one thing not allowing them to work in the normal force. But removing their right to make a living in some other way – that’s not quite cricket, now is it? Then again, we are following the African route. Something that’s been done since the first African state removed the colonists from their territory, many years ago. It’s just taking a bit longer here. And the difference is, the whiteys currently living here, they’re not quite Europeans anymore. They’re actual Africans, albeit of a lighter variety. We have nowhere else to go to. No place would have us. We can’t go to Zim, Or to Mozambique.We’ll be killed there just as easily as we’re done here. And for the exact same reason. At least here, we now some of the language and customs and some of the street names!  And the biggest frustration is that we still have something to offer this screwed up country and it’s seemingly obtuse people – such a good word that!! There’s none so blind as those who do not want to see…

So there.

I managed a few words. Not the ones I’ve been planning. Just random thoughts, watered down for public consumption.

Life, at the moment, seems dreary. It looks to be without hope. Salvation – yes well. Also a pipe dream.

No matter that I don’t only have bad things in my life. It’s just that the good has no way of coping with all the bad being heaped up. Difficult to keep the straw above the waterline when it insists on raining all the time – metaphorically speaking of course, since I have not seen rain in months!

Let me continue with my creation until it’s time to get ready for lunch at the mom’s.

Wishing you all a spectacular day…


15 comments on “Tried.

  1. Haven’t heard this Brahm’s variation but have always like the composition. Every so often, life is just a bitch. Sorry, but you know that. I wish I would send some words of comfort or support. Please know that I send them.

  2. Those variations are incredibly varied, aren’t they? I hope your own variations will come out of the gloomy ones back to merriment soon.
    It is so infuriating that your plight and that of so many like you comes from such utter crass stupidity in the laws, to the dismal detriment of the country.

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