Not a good way to pass time.

Because of memories.

I’m not talking about the usual things like your car’s papers or insurance policies, contracts for your phone line and house.

I’m talking about the things that invariably ends up in any filing box.

The travel keepsakes, and the letters your kids wrote once upon a time.

The funeral letters of family that played a big part in your life, and is now gone forever. My dad. Grandmom, grand-dad. All gone now. For many years. And I still miss them. Still want to pick up the phone and let my dad hear a cool song on the radio. Still want to ask grandmom’s advice on life and sewing ;-).

The letter Rusty wrote when he lived here. When I thought, maybe, just maybe, I might have found somebody thatΒ could go the distance. As it turns out, it was not to be. But Icould still speak to him on the phone. Now I can just be angry at the Universe for taking him away before we could try again.

My itenerary to Istanbul that last trip. When I was so happy. Looking forward to seeing my dude again. Hear his voice in my ear, feel his arms giving me a bone crackling hug – all over now. Never to be repeated again.

My old passport with the very bushy hair, and my first ID – issued in 1985. When I was young, and beautiful and brimming with confidence.

At least, now I know where my divorce documents are. My organ donor details. The car’s papers.

Even found my proof of application for my driver’s licence. It’s in my wallet now, so I should not have any more problems in that regard.

There we go.


Something we all have to do at least once every so often – if you’re not organised enough to do it as and when it’s needed.

Maybe a good thing – memories have a way of being placed on the back burner, and your keepsakes are needed to bring them forward to be dusted off and relived again. Even the not so happy ones.

A good way of keeping it real.

Hope you enjoy this tune as much as I do πŸ˜‰





10 comments on “Filing.

  1. I’m not good at keeping things, I tend to chuck, But I do have a little, and I mean little battered box with a couple of things that make me smile πŸ™‚

  2. I can’t throw away as many ‘things’ as I should but your post reminds me I’m due to get some of this paper filed; I can’t find anything.

    Love this music. It felt better, didn’t it, afterwards? A feeling of accomplishment?

    • Glad you liked the tune πŸ˜‰
      As for the filing done – I do feel much better after I’ve done something like this – that filing box has stared me in the face for a good few years πŸ˜‰

  3. Not a bad way to spend the time. At least you’ve had a few good memories, and found things which you thought you’d lost. Still no interviews? ;( Hugs to you.

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