On living…


Watched Tron again today. Just love that movie. And the soundtrack is absolutely out of this world! For me in any case. Don’t suppose it’s everybody’s cup of tea. I will leave you with an example at the end of this post.

Back to the heading though.

Who wants to live forever? Why would you want to?

The Human Condition is such that we’re only here for a shortish while.

And in that time, you’re supposed to learn what you can. Figure out what you can. Live your life as best you can.

Without the end, you can have no middle. You will have no need to find things out before you die. Or do things before you die.

No experience will be real – because you can do it again and again. You don’t get old, you just live. And live. And live.

How long until nothing is worth it anymore?

How often would you ride on a hot air ballo0n before the novelty wears off?

How often would you experience a really well made fast car before you don’t relish the exhuberance anymore?


Every single doctor and pharmacist and scientist are working towards the erradication of disease.

Malaria has mostly been erradicated in Africa. Not completely, but there are people tirelessly woring to fix that. Such is the case with childhood diseases as well. You get vaccinated, don’t get the illnesses, and you can live a happy life.

I put it to you in the following fashion.

The earth is getting full. Full of people. Rubbish. Pollution. Cars. Full.

Where on earth are all these long living people going to live? Have we managed to move to other planets and colonise them? Not yet, last time I checked. And how long before those planets are full too?

And that would be the single, most important reason why humans should not live forever.

By our very nature, we’re searchers. Why do you think self-help guru’s make so much money? People search. For the truth. The meaning of life. The reason we exist. The method behind the madness we call existence. The next paycheck or the next plate of food…

To live forever would remove that intrinsic part of ourselves.

What would scientists be researching once they’ve found a cure for cancer? Or for AIDS?

Diseases are the natural selection method. Placed there by Ghaia, G-d, the Universe.

So that humans realise their full potential in the time allotted to them for living life.

I suggest we hop to it before time runs out…


As promised – Rinzler from Tron by Daft Punk.

Let the good stuff roll!!!




9 comments on “On living…

  1. Nice tune. Don’t worry, not in our time, but the rat cage is filling up and through human culling (read two world wars and prior wars) the balance will be restored. Pity I will miss the fun.

  2. if you cease to recognize your individual existance and recognize the holistic nature and oneness of all things then you already live forever…..harder to do than to say i know………..

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