New car.


Got a visit from the eldest yesterday.

Kind of a two-tiered visit.

He had to bring me catfood – as per our arrangement, and I had to drive him to Sandton to go an pick up his new car.

That daddy arranged for him.

He’s 23 years old, has basically no money, and dad gets him a new car. Brand new. Out the box. Something stupid like 30 k’s on the clock. With that new-car smell permeating everything.

Must say, I have slight mixed feelings about this.

I mean, the next time I buy a brand new car will be my first! And the chances of me ever buying a new car is basically out of the question. Regardless of the way things are now, I just can’t see myself buying any of the cars on the market these days.

Still. There’s something to be said for getting something that nobody else has owned ever before. Something shiny and new, and yours alone.

And then I started thinking about the money involved in this. The car’s repayment and insurance is enough to cover my bond per month. Has any of the people in question offered to help me with my bond? Nope, they have not. Not that it’s their problem really, but still.

Here I am, no money, no real prospects of making any money, and there they are, buying cars…

It kind of stics in my craw. Just a little bit. Now the child will have to fork out money that he does not really have, and in so-doing, probably won’t be able to pay me back some of the money he ows me.

So. Thanks Universe.

Once again, you’ve showed me who’s the boss.

And it ain’t me!


7 comments on “New car.

  1. Life sucks. I wish you the best, Ghia. To my way of thinking, the only way left now is UP. I DO have my fingers crossed. I can start counting off all the reasons this purchase was dumb, but you already know all that.

  2. Lucky boy, but then isn’t his brother also going to want a new car. Fair’s fair. I can imagine how you must be feeling though, when you see how stupid your ex is with his money.

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