That’s what we all are.

Prisoners of our hopes and dreams. Our fears and desires.

The bond. Your kids. Money. Status.

One way or the other, we’re all prisoners.

Difference is, I work to keep my prison going. Or I would if I could find a job. I fight to keep my bars in place – my responsibilities toward my children, my bond, my municipality. It’s the main reason I get up in the morning. To keep my prison and it’s bars safe against the outside world.

I don’t steal.

I don’t embezzle funds.

I don’t murder people for their cellphones.

Those people go to prison. In a jail. With metal bars. And I get to pay for them to be fed, and clothed and housed.

They commit the crimes and I pay for those crimes.

They kill and maim and steal, and I pay the price.

They want what I have. But they don’t want my life. They don’t want to work for their house. They don’t want to sweat to own the cool phone, or to eat, or have a car to drive around in.

They want what I have without working for it.


Why are their so many prisons in the world? Why do they even bother trying to rehabilitate the inmates? Because I do think those people don’t want to rahabilitate. Why should they work if somebody else can do it for them?

As long as governments insist on treating criminals better than citizens, the prisons will be full.

Full of lazy people. Full of self righteous people, thinking the world at large, and citizens in particular, ows them a living.

I say, ban them to an island. Let them fend for themselves. Force them to learn that food needs to be grown and looked after. That meat does not magically appear in the freezer section of your next mark. That you really CAN live without the bling and the jumping car… That being part of a gang is not quite as cool as you might think it is.

Feel what it feels like to be in my prison for a while.

Maybe, just maybe, it suits a bit better – to have bars of your own making, and happily living with them, than to be forced behind bars of somebody else’s making, and unhappily existing.



19 comments on “Prisoners.

  1. Great idea! If only there was space to get rid of the criminals to various segregated sections where the violent ones could bash one another, and the embezzlers could try and out-embezzle everyone else, and so on. Australia had that going for them, and some of them actually turned honest! πŸ™‚

  2. and you know what…..its all just a tiny decision in our heads………..imagine no possesions…i wonder if you can………………..we are cronic baggage carriers…all of us…..thats how animals are diffrent from us….they just live now………….i think this concept is what the buddists and all the other mystics (jesus too to a certain degree) are attempting to put into words………

    • I must say, I don’t mind my prison. It keeps me safe, I have a place to nest in.
      That’s just the way humans are – we gather and hoard πŸ˜‰

      • which is why i wish to go hiking for 6 months with only the basics on my back……to experience what it is like to trancend my own mere human traits.

      • And not be able to shower?
        Must say, as much as being in the bush calms me, I do like getting clean with hot water!!
        Don’t mind sleeping on the floor, make-shift shelters, living off the land, but not being clean – that would get me!!

      • haha….typical woman….,no insult…….a compliment in fact…… every 3 to 4 days you plan your route to pass by a camp spot to clean and wash and respock on food items…….it is amazing just how clean you can keep with nothing more than sunlight soap and a piece of mutton cloth and a little water………….

      • And how many rolls of tp is in the backpack πŸ˜‰
        Have to admit though – would be nice to not have to worry about anything for a while…

  3. We are all victims of our own desire to collect and hoard. Then we have to spend more money to protect it from the kleptomaniacs of this world. A vicious circle really.

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