Music passion.

Allaboutlemon hosts the Music passion.

This month, July, is for the birds.

The song I chose, does not have the word “Bird” in it’s title, but in the lyrics.

It’s a Nina Simone song, called, I’m feeling good”

She has always had a soft spot in my heart. Ever since I bought a 7 single of “My baby just cares for me”, wanting it to be the song my husband would open the dance floor with me on our wedding day, and discovering the flipside – “Love me or leave me” This was in 1987. The year afterΒ I matriculated. A time of upheavels and mistakes – too many to count. It shaped me in many ways, and Nina Simone was there for most of it.

The wedding song did not happen. That particular baby did not just care for me. In fact he cared for just about everything BUT me. But Mz Simone became a firm favourite of mine since then. They used her music in the movie “Point of no return” with Bridget Fonda and Gabriel Byrne.

And I got to introduce her music to my dude while we were holed up in a metal container in Iraq. Not that it made a bit of difference. But I am consoled in the knowledge that, every time he hears Nina Simone, he will involuntarily think of me.

So yes. Good memories for the most part with Mz Simone as the common denominator.

Hope you enjoy the song I chose.

12 comments on “Music passion.

    • Can’t believe you’ve never heard of Nina Simone Tess!!
      She’s one of America’s greatest exports!
      Glad I could introduce you though πŸ˜‰

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