…has dawned.

Well, not quite dawned yet, since it’s winter, and it’s still bloody dark out at 6am, but the day is eventually here.

All’s in readiness.

All the finished stuff is sitting by the dining room table, next to my bag of eats an drinks, money tin, change, something to while away the time.

Everything just waiting to be loaded into the car and taken to the market.

Where I will be tested and weighed.

Thought about this last night. I made all these things by hand. Took quite a lot of time and effort and skill, and today I will be measured by other people’s ideas. Today I will know if what I made is good enough for the general public. If my stuff would be good enough to take home with them.

Making money aside, I think it will be a hard blow if they don’t buy as much as I’d hoped they do. If I have to take all my things back home unsold – would be a huge blow to my ego, my skills, as well as my wallet. And would mean that I can’t even make a go of a cottage industry.

Oh well, no use putting the horse in front of the cart is there?

Only one way to go, and that is forward. Taking each minute of each day as it happens, and dealing with it accordingly.

Wish me luck folks!!



16 comments on “D-Day…

  1. Don’t judge everything on the first day. Markets have good and bad days too. I was devastated on the first day but sold well the next time. A lot revolves on the type of person that comes to this specific market. Different areas attract different people. 🙂

    • Well, the type of person frequenting this market obviously don’t like the things I made.
      Maybe because they’re all in my boat.
      I should go somewhere that has money – where people don’t mae their own things anymore, but would pay to have something handmade…
      I’ll see what my options are…

      • Don’t give up too soon. Look around at markets and make what people want and not only what you think is nice 🙂

      • And there-in lies the rub.
        People – I don’t like them. And I sincerely hate pandering to them…
        Looks like I will have to find a job where I can hide from them…

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