I’ve been out of the news loop for a while now.

Don’t listen to the radio, or watch TV news, or even read the stuff on Yahoo’s news desk – because I just don’t bother with it anymore.

This morning, however, I decided to check mails , and maybe read a post or two, see if there have been any job alerts worth checking out, and I came across an article about Zuma vowing to take the economy away from the elitist whites running it at the moment.

Now, I’m not going to say what I really want to say – that would just create friction, even though it’s quite true actually.

Just as a point of fact though – there are not many success stories of BEE. It jumps out of the starting blocks with a bang, but in no way does it go the distance. Before long the companies are bancrupt, with the owners and partners living the high life off their employees. This seems to be the general trend in Black Economic Empowerment.

The feeling I get from that article is persecution. There are probably around 50 m people in SA. Only 4 or 5 m of those are whities. Are the sun really not allowed to shine on us as well? Do we have to continue apologising for the colour of our skin? How long do they want us to do that?

I’m thinking whities should grow some balls and stop apologising, feeling guilty, wanting to make things right…

We’re fighting for our right to live in the country of our birth. Fighting to keep the clothes on our backs and the roofs over our heads.

I refuse to feel guilty because I’m white. What I have, I’ve worked for. I’ve paid off my debts as best I can, I’ve raised my kids as best I can.

Why should I be made to feel guilty for things that happened long before my time? Why should I keep on apologising for it?

Can’t see why I should.

All I want is to be left alone, to work, earn a living, and maybe one day, retire and die happy in the knowledge that I lived my life as best I could.


All this aside though.

In update to what’s happening in my so called life these days.

Mom took me to a cloth shop on Saturday. We bought lining for all my bags, some nice braided strips to decorate the denim bags with, as well as cord and fastenings for said cords. Got zips for the bags that needs zips, and she got me breakfast 😉

The Porra, on the other hand, has made his priorities very clear. His Company, his kids and then himself. I don’t feature anywhere on that list. The only times I do seem to feature, is when it’s a booty call. And really. Those I can get anywhere. And I’ve managed well without them for many years before, I can manage without them for many years after. So, if he decides to at least introduce me to his kids, and stop compartmentalising me with the rest of his duties, I could not be bothered to see him anymore.

Heard on one of the CSI’s I’ve watched – A relationship that does not move forward, dies. I realise the dude does not want to commit. And I don’t really want to share every minute of everyday with him either. I do think there has to be at least some overlapping of lives though. And if that does not happen, I’m nothing more than an available body. Sorry to say Boet, I’m quite a bit more than that.

Suffice it to say, I’ve not seen him in 2 weeks. He went to Prague, and today the kids are there until next week Sunday. I’ve deleted his contact details off my phone, so, if there’s any contacting to do, he can do it. And my replies are very non-commital. He has to realise that the status quo is just not working for me anymore, and either end it, or do something about it. Not as if he wants to talk about it. Every time I get slightly iffy on the phone, he reckons that he does not have the energy to have this conversation, and stops communicating. So, hey, if that’s what you want dude, that’s exactly what you’ll get…

Applied for yet another Reception manager position today. Will see what, if anything comes from it.

The knitting is still going well. I have many bags of all shapes and sizes ready to be lined and finished off. As soon as I’ve done all that, I will take pictures of all of them and show you how cool I actually am 😉

My body clock seems to have sorted itself out. I’m asleep by 21:30 pm, and start waking up at about 6 am. Which is a good thing – all these all-nighters is not a good idea! I wonder why though – I’ve never really had a body clock to speak of 😉 Would just sleep when I’m tired and wake up when I wake up. Not compaining though. It’s nice to get into bed with my hot water bottles nestled at my feet, and fall asleep while reading a book!!


Update done, time to start working.

Do enjoy the day, in spite of yourself 😉



10 comments on “Persecution

  1. Good luck with the receptionist job application. Sounds like you’ve been much too busy to waste time on a guy who is so unresponsive to your needs as well as his own. Glad for you that you’re sleeping better. It helps a lot. xxx

    • The job’s unfortunately not happening – interviews already done.
      At least they let me know – I asked them to keep me in mind for anything else – one never knows.
      As for the Porra, I never thought it would go the distance. Been thinking about my dude a lot lately – maybe I’m just not cut out for anything remotely normal 😉

  2. I forgot to say that I agree with you about the persecution. They’ve been in power, with majority rule now for almost 20 years. If they can’t make a go of it with affirmative action, BEE, + all our hard earned tax money, they should admit defeat and let someone else have a go. We all know that’s not going to happen though. They’ve got their ticket on the gravy train, and they’re not getting off now.

  3. good luck with the job……..glad to see you are keeping busy…….good thing…. if they continue to persecute us and deny us work we will learn to thrive in the informal economy and economic freedom will be ours…… and we will remain in control of the real economy…….tax free nogal………………….

    • Exactly Pan 😉
      I hear yesterday on the news that there are only about 5 m registered tax payers in the country. We have 50 m people!! No wonder things are going the way they are!

  4. I would rather not comment on the BEE situation. I am sure you are going to do so well when you start selling your goodies. I am also holding thumbs for the job that you have applied for! Forget about the Porra – he is not worth you!

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