Just as I suspected.

It was a sales job.

They will give me R3500 basic, and extra only if I make 7 sales per month. Have to use my own car while doing this and training for a whole week…bla de bla de bla… Could not even get my name right after I said it like 4 times!!Abd this was after I could not find the place, and when I used some of my precious airtime to phone them, they could not help either.

Told the guy, thanks, but no thanks. One thing I am not able or willing to do would be sales.

Money is important to me, but never to the exclusion of all else.

I will be listening to the gut more often from now on – it seems to know what’s potting, even if I don’t!!

There you have it then.

The sordidness of my existence…

Hope yours is marginally better.


9 comments on “Just as I suspected.

    • I think I drove 100km’s to that stupid place yesterday AD!
      Should have given them an invoince for my petrol there and back!!
      More like I’m in touch with the agencies – they don’t have to be in touch with me, don’t be silly!! That would mean they’re actually working, and we can’t have that now can we!!

    • That’s what I thought too Sar. They look who’s been unemployed a while and then get those people to make them money without giving anything real back.

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