A bit…

…of a quandary.


Get this phone call today.

People wanting me to come for an interview.

Telling me to dress professionally – as if I won’t!

That was the first sign of something fishy.

He gave me a whole list of different jobs they’re interviewing for – second sign. Am I wrong in saying that you pick a specific candidate for a specific job? Or are they going through the lists of desperate people on the job sites and picking the most likely ones?

Sends me the address, in Northcliff somewhere, but I still don’t know the name of the company. Third sign.

One of the first questions he asks me is if I have my own transport – fourth sign.

Now, I’m not in a position to turn down any kind of job offer. But am I really going to just take the first thing that comes along, if it does not look like it’s going to be worth it? If they don’t give any benefits, pay only a small basic salary, make me use my own personal car for their gain, and pay me just commission? This is the kind of feeling I get from this phone call. And as much as I need employment, I’m not prepared to put myself in an untenable position ever again.

My gut feel is slightly less than enthusiastic. Then again, I’m not certain why I’m felling like this. Do I want to stay at home? Am I prepared to do whatever it takes to find employment? Or should I look out for myself one way or the other?

I’ll go to the interview tomorrow.

But I’m not going to let them spin me a story, and believe it just because I’m borderline desperate.

Just thought I’d get it out on the ether.

I’ll be sure to update you once I have more details…


24 comments on “A bit…

  1. 68ghia I agree with your approach. Trust your 6th sense. Most importantly, don’t agree to use your personal resources for his business; it sounds like a sales job but if only a commission is attached, steer clear. If it has anything like “Magic” in its name, give it a wide berth. The only magic those do is making your income disappear, or letting you gather all the leads at own cost and then creaming the sales themselves.

    But there is of course the possibility that it is an honest job with an honest (albeit small) salary attached. Remember they must give you on-the-job training if it’s not something you’ve done before. Also remember that you always have the choice.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

    • Thanks G 😉
      One thing I definitely not, is any kind of sales person! This is something I’ve found out very early in life!
      I will keep my eyes and ears open, and I’m not asking for a huge salary. As long as I can cover my running costs, put petrol in the car and buy smokes and food, I’ll be fine…

  2. Sounds fishy to me. Take a large firearm in case you are simply going to be attacked, kidnapped, or have your car and phone swiped.
    Otherwise, as I’m sure you are very alert to, beware of scams.

  3. I also hope it’s not one of these “commission only” positions. I’m sure you know all the pitfalls by now though, and are able to use your own discretion. Good luck anyway. xxx

  4. When they ask about your own transport etc its often some sort of sales commission position. Anyway, maybe its worth looking at…you never know when something good is around the corner.

  5. I was unemployed for 4 months about two and a half years ago and I am also NOT a sales person. I fell in the same trap and went to work for a company in Cape Town, where I had to sell computer courses for commission only. It took me a week to realise that I am actually paying to work there 😯 There are SO many bullshitters out there!

    • howdy son…..many years back i had a similar experience with kirby…..but one good thing about it was that it kept me busy and prevented depression…i met interesting people …learned about the bullshit of the american stlye hyper salesmen and was generally vey entertained……i kid you not but all the sales gurus were bioplus addicts and every morning they would stand on their chairs and sing the kirby song and clap hands tio hype themeselves up…….it was totally ridiculous and very funny………..incidently i never sold one kirby machine…but i did clean out my whole home with the demo model……………………fortunatly i then got a proper job.

    • I might have also fallen in this trap Son, but there’s no way I’m going to allow myself to do this and fall even further behind than I already am!
      Something will come along, I just know this.
      And I will know it when it hits my way 😉

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